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The Best Generac Electric Generators for Home, Work and Play

When power outages hit or you need portable power on jobsites or vacations, a quality generator can literally be a lifesaver. As a leader in power equipment, Generac generators are trusted to deliver reliable electricity for homes, worksites, RVs and more.

In this guide, we’ll review the top Generac electric generator models for an array of uses. We’ll cover portable and standby Generac generators with the features, power capacity, and performance to suit your needs. You’ll also find helpful buying advice and answers to common questions about Generac generators.

Let’s explore the best Generac has to offer!

Reviews of the Top Generac Electric Generators

Here are reviews of four of the most popular and highest-rated Generac electric generator models:

Generac GP5500 – 5500 Watt Portable Generator

The Generac GP5500 strikes an excellent balance of power, portability and price for RV and home backup needs. It provides 5500 starting watts and 6875 peak watts to run essentials.

Key Features:

  • 5500 starting watts, 6875 peak watts
  • PowerRush technology for surge power
  • 6.6 gallon fuel tank for 14 hours runtime
  • TruePower technology for clean electricity
  • 68 dBA noise level
  • 3-year limited warranty

With reliable PowerRush power delivery and a robust but portable profile, reviewers love the GP5500 for powering tailgating parties, RVs, job sites and home backup.

Generac GP6500 – 6500 Watt Portable Generator

The Generac GP6500 packs even more power at 6500 starting watts and 8125 peak watts. It’s ideal for home backup, worksites, or powering large RVs.

Key Features:

  • 6500 starting watts, 8125 peak watts
  • TruePower technology protects sensitive equipment
  • 8 gallon tank provides 12 hours runtime
  • Low idle mode saves fuel
  • 69 dBA noise rating
  • 3-year limited warranty

Reviewers praise the GP6500’s excellent power delivery and reliability. It provides tons of clean, stable power in a reasonably portable profile.

Generac GP15000E – 15kW Standby Generator

For ample whole-house backup power, the Generac GP15000E standby generator is a top choice. It provides 15kW for electrical essentials and large appliances.

Key Features:

  • 15,000 watts (15kW)
  • Wi-Fi monitoring and alerts
  • Automatic natural gas or LP gas operation
  • QuietTEST performance at 63 dB
  • TruePower technology
  • 5 year limited warranty

Homeowners love the automatic operation, 24/7 Wi-Fi monitoring, and quiet performance of the GP15000E. It delivers excellent and reliable whole-house backup power.

Generac GP2200i – 2200 Watt Portable Inverter

The ultra-quiet Generac GP2200i portable inverter generator is idea for camping, tailgating, or emergency home power. The advanced inverter provides clean electricity safe for electronics.

Key Features:

  • 2200 starting watts, 1700 running watts
  • Inverter technology for safe electricity
  • Super quiet – only 53 dBA
  • Up to 10 hours runtime
  • LED data center
  • 2-year limited warranty

The GP2200i gets rave reviews for its compact suitcase design, ultra-quiet operation and clean power delivery, perfect for electronics and sensitive equipment.

Choosing the Right Generac Electric Generator

Here are key factors to consider when picking a Generac generator:

  • Wattage – Select a wattage capacity rating to handle your essential loads.
  • Portability – Portable generators are movable by hand while standby units are permanently installed.
  • Fuel Type – Generac offers models powered by gasoline, propane or natural gas.
  • Noise Level – Check decibel ratings if sound level is important. Inverter models are quietest.
  • Runtime – Consider the engine and tank size to deliver needed runtime hours on one fill up or fuel source.
  • Outlets – Choose a model with sufficient outlet numbers and amperage capacity.
  • Warranty – Generac’s warranty provides 3-5 years coverage on different generator parts.

By carefully evaluating your power needs and usage, you can select the perfect Generac generator. Professional installation is recommended for standby units while portables are DIY-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Generac Electric Generators

What maintenance do Generac generators require?

  • Check oil and filters regularly. Change oil every 100-200 hours.
  • Replace air, oil and fuel filters per manual.
  • Inspect hoses, connections, battery annually.
  • Drain fuel tanks fully when not in use.
  • Run engine monthly to circulate oil.

How long do Generac portable generators last?

With proper maintenance, Generac expects engine life of about 1500-2000 hours. So portable units often last 3-5 years when well-maintained.

Can a Generac generator run sensitive electronics?

Yes, models with TruePower or inverter technology produce clean, stable electricity safe for computers, TVs, and other electronics.

Are Generac generators difficult to install?

Portable models only require adding oil and fuel, so are very easy. Standby generators are complicated and should be installed by professionals to meet codes.

Do Generac generators come with engine oil?

No, the generator requires oil to be added before first starting the engine. The oil type and amount is specified in the owner’s manual.


From portable power for vacations to automatic whole-house protection, Generac’s lineup offers reliable generators for every need. Their innovative features like TruePower, Wi-Fi monitoring and ultra-quiet inverter technology take power delivery and convenience to the next level. Just determine your power requirements and usage to select the perfect Generac generator.

We hope these Generac electric generator reviews and buying tips help you choose the ideal backup power solution. Get peace of mind knowing you have reliable electricity even when the lights go out!

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