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Staying Powered Up: Choosing the Best Generac Standby Generator for Your Home

When an extended outage hits, Generac standby generators kick in to keep your home livable until power is restored. A permanently installed backup generator delivers automatic protection against weather and grid disruptions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover how to select the ideal Generac standby generator for your home’s needs. You’ll see the key factors to consider along with in-depth reviews of Generac’s best-selling home standby models. Let’s find the perfect backup power solution for peace of mind during storms and blackouts!

How to Choose the Right Generac Standby Generator

Generac offers home standby generators in a range of sizes and with various fuel options. Consider the following when picking the right model:

Fuel Type

Generac standby generators run on natural gas or liquid propane. Natural gas provides continuous fuel during an outage. Propane allows flexibility in placement. Compare fuel availability and costs in your area.

Power Output

Measure your home’s essential electrical loads and size the generator at least 20% larger. A 7-22kW unit covers most homes. Get an in-home assessment for your exact needs.


An outdoor concrete pad meets code requirements for permanent standby generators. Pick a location away from windows and doors for proper exhaust venting.

Noise Level

Larger generators emit 62-74 dBA of noise. Weatherproof enclosures further reduce sound. Compare noise levels across models to find an acceptable range.

Additional Features

Evaluate connectivity options, exercise schedules, home automation integration, extended runtimes, and warranties across Generac models to determine what additional features you may want.

Generac Standby Product Lines

Guardian Series: Top tier generators with ultra-quiet operation.

Evolution Series: Affordable and customizable standby power.

Use this overview to narrow down the optimal product line based on your budget and needs.

Top 4 Generac Standby Generators for Homes

Here are 4 of the best-selling and highest-performing Generac standby generators for home backup power:

Generac Guardian 17 kW – Best Mid-Size Home Standby

This is Generac’s most popular home standby generator for mid-sized homes:

  • Power: 17kW covers essential loads for homes 3,000-6,000 sq ft.
  • Quiet: Just 63 dBA in quiet mode.
  • Fuel: Available for natural gas or propane.
  • WiFi: Monitor and control from anywhere with Mobile Link.
  • Price Range: $$$

With its robust power output and ultra-quiet operation, this Guardian model provides full essential circuit coverage for most homes. It’s Generac’s top-selling home standby generator.

Generac Guardian 22 kW – Most Powerful Home Standby

The 22kW Guardian series is Generac’s most powerful standby generator for large homes:

  • Power: 22kW provides full home coverage of 6000+ sq ft homes.
  • Fuel: Natural gas or propane options available.
  • Noise: Only 63 dBA, impressively quiet.
  • WiFi: Enables full remote monitoring and control.
  • Price Range: $$$$

With its massive power capacity and incredibly quiet operation, this Guardian unit is ideal for large luxury homes wanting totally uninterrupted whole-home backup power.

Generac Core Power System – Compact Entry-Level Standby

The Core PowerSystem is Generac’s most affordable and compact home standby unit:

  • Power: 7kW for powering essentials in small homes.
  • Compact Size: Takes up less space than larger units.
  • Affordable: Lower upfront cost than larger standby generators.
  • WiFi: Allows remote monitoring via Mobile Link app.
  • Price Range: $$

This entry-level system provides automatic backup power for small households on a budget. It’s a great starter Generac standby generator at very attractive pricing.

Generac Ultra Source – Dual Fuel Standby Generator

The Ultra Source offers the flexibility to run on either natural gas or propane fuel:

  • Dual Fuel: Switches fuels automatically based on availability.
  • Power: Available from 7kW up to 22kW.
  • Quiet: 63 dBA noise rating.
  • WiFi: Enables full remote monitoring and tracking.
  • Price Range: $$$

With its dual-fuel capability, the Ultra Source provides optimal flexibility in fuel choice to suit your home’s available utilities.

Smooth Installation and Ongoing Maintenance

Get the most power, performance, and longevity out of your Generac standby generator with proper installation and ongoing maintenance.

Professional Installation Strongly Advised

Given their permanent electrical and gas connections, Generac recommends professional installation for all home standby generators. This ensures seamless integration with your home’s existing systems for automatic backup activation when you need it.

Regular Maintenance is Critical

Follow Generac’s prescribed maintenance intervals to keep your generator in top operating condition. Test it monthly and perform annual tune-ups by a certified Generac dealer. Use only OEM parts. Keep extra maintenance components on hand so you’re always prepared. Don’t neglect maintenance – it extends the life and effectiveness of your generator.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Standby Generators

What size standby generator do I need for my home?

Total your essential home loads and add 20% as a buffer. Home standby generators typically range from 7kW to 22kW. Have an electrician perform an in-home assessment to determine your requirements.

How loud are Generac standby generators?

Most Generac home standby generators produce just 63-70 dBA when running. Weatherproof enclosures can further reduce noise. Larger generators may require additional noise mitigation.

How much does a Generac home standby generator cost?

Installed costs range from $2,000 for a small 7kW unit up to $10,000+ for a large whole house 22kW model. Get quotes from local authorized Generac dealers.

How long do Generac standby generators last?

With proper maintenance and annual servicing, Generac standby generators can last 20-30 years. The engine itself will need replacement every 10-15 years.

How often should you test and service a standby generator?

Generac recommends testing standby generators monthly under 25-50% load for 30 minutes. Perform complete tune-ups and oil changes as scheduled in your owner’s manual.

Can a standby generator power my whole house?

Yes. Larger 17kW+ Generac standby units can power central air, appliances, well pumps and more for whole house coverage during outages.

What are the best Generac standby generators?

The Guardian Series provides Generac’s premium standby generators for homes. The Evolution Series offers more affordable and customized options. All provide automatic backup power when needed.

How is a standby generator installed?

Standby generators involve significant electrical connections, fuel line fittings, concrete pads, and transfer switch wiring. Generac strongly recommends professional installation.

Stay Powered Up with Generac Standby Generators

Don’t get caught without power when emergencies and outages happen. Generac’s reliable standby generators deliver automatic backup electricity for uninterrupted home operation.

Use this buyer’s guide to determine the ideal standby generator for your needs. Have a certified technician size, install, and maintain the system properly. Stay confident in whole home protection with Generac!

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