Stay Powered Through Any Outage: Choosing Generac Activation Backup Generators

When the lights go out from a storm, grid failure, or other emergency, most homes are left powerless and vulnerable. Flashlights can only go so far. Critical systems like heating, medical devices, and refrigeration fail. Outages can last hours or even days. The solution is installing a backup generator powered by natural gas or propane.

Generac makes some of the most trusted and innovative whole home generators on the market. Their Generac Activation line takes capability even further with options for 24/7 remote monitoring, alerts, and control all from your smartphone. Having automatic backup electricity can make weathering outages far more comfortable and safe.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the benefits of Generac Activation generators, the top models to consider, key buying factors, installation tips, and frequently asked questions to help you choose the best unit for your needs. With the proper backup generator, your home will stay fully powered no matter what emergency or extreme weather comes your way.

Top 4 Generac Activation Generator Models

Generac offers several models in their Activation generator lineup with options for different power outputs, fuel types, and features. The main differences come down to electrical capacity, fuel source, and monitoring capabilities. Here are 4 top options:

Generac 7682 Guardian Series

This powerful 20kW standby generator can power essentials for homes up to 6,000 sq.ft. It runs on natural gas or propane and features Generac’s smart WiFi monitoring to allow remote control via smartphone. Quiet operation at just 63 dB makes it ideal for homes.

Generac 7039 Guardian Series

A mid-range generator rated at 17kW, this unit provides whole home power for homes up to 5,000 sq.ft. while running on natural gas or liquid propane fuel. It also has Generac’s WiFi remote monitoring system and ultra-quiet 63 dB operating volume.

Generac 7037 Guardian Series

With 14kW output, the 7037 powers homes up to 4,000 sq.ft. It offers the reliability of natural gas or propane fuels and Generac’s state-of-the-art remote monitoring. It operates at just 66 dB for quiet performance.

Generac 7043 Guardian Series

Producing 8kW, this smaller model still powers essentials for homes up to 3,000 sq.ft. It uses natural gas or propane for reliable runtime. While not WiFi enabled, it has a cellular connection allowing monitoring away from home. It operates quietly at 66 dB.

All Generac Activation generators share important advantages like automatic operation, 24/7 monitoring, outage notifications, weatherproof steel enclosures, and extensive testing. Use Generac’s detailed sizing calculator to pick the ideal power output and runtime for your needs. Most units offer warranty protection for 2-10 years depending on components.

Next let’s look closer at the key features and benefits common across these outstanding backup generators.

Key Features and Benefits of Generac Activation Generators

Automatic Backup Operation – Whenever the power goes out, the generator automatically start and restores electricity to your home within seconds. It runs smoothly until utility power returns.

Smart Monitoring Systems – Generac’s wireless WiFi or cellular connectivity allows 24/7 remote monitoring of the generator’s status using the mobile app. It sends instant push notifications if any issue is detected.

Quiet Performance – Designed for home use, these generators operate at noise levels between 63-69 dB, similar to the volume of a normal conversation. This allows placement near homes.

Sufficient Power – Properly sized, these systems power essentials like refrigerators, freezers, medical equipment, home heating/cooling, security systems, and more during an outage.

Multiple Convenience Options – Features like powering hardwired loads or plugging in devices with the outlets provided, cellular connectivity where WiFi is unavailable, and natural gas or propane fuel flexibility.

Extensive Testing – Generac generators undergo rigorous testing in hot, cold, and wet conditions to ensure maximum durability and reliability when you need them most.

Direct Expert Support – Purchase and service are handled directly by Generac’s network of experienced dealers for professional guidance and installation.

Having automatic backup power can save thousands in food losses, home repairs, and alternative lodging when outages strike. Remote monitoring adds further convenience and peace of mind. Next let’s go over some key factors to weigh when picking the right Generac Activation generator.

Key Buying Considerations for Generac Generators

Calculate Electrical Load – Determine the wattage needed to power essential circuits and appliances. A licensed electrician can conduct a load calculation based on square footage. The generator must meet or exceed your computed load.

Portable or Stationary – Smaller portable generators offer mobility but less capacity. Larger stationary models provide ample power but require professional installation and fuel hookup.

Fuel Source – Home standby generators run on natural gas or propane. Compare fuel availability in your area along with costs. Propane gives independence but requires fuel tank refills while natural gas hooks up directly to your existing utility line.

Placement – These units are designed to be relatively quiet but still require adequate distance from bedrooms and living areas. factor in convenience accessing the panel for service.

Local Permitting – Most areas require permits and inspections for permanently installed generators due to electrical codes and safety regulations. Research what is entailed in your municipality.

Homeowner Association Rules – If you belong to a HOA community, ensure generator installation meets all covenants and restrictions for architectural conformity and noise.

Budget – Upfront cost is only part of the equation. Consider the long term value from powering your home through outages along with potential damage prevention. Factor in professional installation charges and the warranty period on parts/labor.

Sizing Tools – Generac provides sizing calculators on their website to help determine the ideal generator model based on square footage, location, desired circuits, and additional factors. Proper sizing prevents issues.

Take time to carefully assess these factors when selecting your Generac Activation generator. This helps ensure the model chosen adequately powers your household’s needs during electrical outages.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Generac Generators

While Generac dealers handle most of the installation, some key guidance can ensure optimal setup:

  • Work closely with your certified Generac dealer/technician on placement and connections.
  • Allow ample clearance from structures and debris for ventilation, maintenance access, and fire safety.
  • Connect your generator to an external propane or natural gas fuel supply sized to provide extended runtime.
  • Register your warranty by following the instructions in your product documentation.
  • Download the Generac app and connect the WiFi or cellular monitoring system.
  • Consider extending the initial warranty to 5-10 years for added parts/labor protection.
  • Use only fresh, high-quality gasoline or propane without ethanol for longest engine life.
  • Run the generator at least 1-2 times per month for 15 minutes under load to keep the system ready.

Following Generac’s maintenance schedule for routine checks, testing, and parts replacement will keep your generator in working order. Let’s look now at some frequently asked questions about Generac Activation generators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Activation Generators

Q: How difficult is do-it-yourself installation?

A: Due to the complex electrical connections and fuel line plumbed to your home, professional installation by a licensed electrician and Generac certified dealer is strongly recommended for safety, compliance, and proper function.

Q: How quiet are these home standby generators?

A: Generac Activation generators operate at noise levels between 63-69 dBA which is comparable to the volume of an average conversation. This makes them suitable for placement near homes.

Q: Can the mobile app fully control the generator remotely?

A: While the app provides real-time status monitoring, alerts, diagnostics, and limited settings adjustments, remote start and stop control is not possible for safety reasons. System operation remains fully automated.

Q: What type of routine maintenance is required?

A: Follow Generac’s maintenance schedule to check fluids, lubricate parts, inspect hoses and connections, test the battery, clean filters, and overall ensure components are in working order. Testing under load monthly helps prevent failure.

Q: Is an external fuel tank required?

A: Yes, an appropriately sized external propane or natural gas fuel tank is required to connect with the generator’s fuel line for extended runtime during prolonged outages. Fuel tanks follow safety codes.

Get Power Protection and Peace of Mind

Generac Activation generators deliver whole home backup power to keep your essentials running smoothly when emergencies or storms cause interruptions to normal electrical service. Automatic operation, cellular or WiFi monitoring, and quiet performance make these reliable protectors for any home.

Sizing your unit properly, having a certified professional handle permitting and installation, and adhering to maintenance schedules will ensure your generator provides power just when you need it most. The Generac team stands behind their products with direct sales, support, and service.

Don’t leave your family vulnerable in electrical outages. Anautomatic backup generator brings safety, stability, and assurance. For more model comparisons and tools to determine your ideal generator system, visit Generac’s website. Then contact an authorized dealer to get a unit installed ahead of storm season. Stay powered up and informed through any outage with Generac Activation generators.

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