Powering Your Home with the Sun: Choosing the Best Generac PowerCell Solar Battery

Harnessing the sun’s abundant energy for your home is now easier than ever with a Generac PowerCell solar battery. Storing solar power and using it to run your home day and night, or having backup electricity during grid outages gives you independence and savings.

But with multiple PowerCell models available, how do you select the right solar battery for your needs? This comprehensive guide will overview top Generac PowerCells, discuss key factors in choosing the perfect solar battery, and answer common questions to make sure you invest in the ideal clean energy system.

An Introduction to Generac PowerCell Solar Batteries

Generac PowerCell batteries leverage innovative technology to capture and store electricity generated from solar panels. This stored solar energy can run your home around the clock, while also providing reliable backup power when the utility grid fails.

Advantages of Generac PowerCell solar batteries include:

  • Store excess solar electricity for use anytime, not just sunny days
  • Provide emergency power during blackouts, storms and disasters
  • Use sustainable, renewable energy and reduce environmental impact
  • Save money by using your own electricity vs. grid power
  • Compact, safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Mobile Link app for remote monitoring and control
  • Industry-leading 10 year limited warranty

By pairing high-efficiency solar panels with Generac’s intelligent and dependable PowerCell batteries, you gain energy independence and prepare your home for power outages.

Top 4 Generac PowerCell Recommendations

Generac offers PowerCell models suited for every solar setup. Here are our top picks:

1. Generac PWRcell System

This complete solar system integrates panels, inverters, monitoring and a PowerCell battery for truly turnkey home solar. Just choose your battery capacity ranging from 8.6 kWh to 43 kWh.

With full generator integration, the PWRcell system provides the ultimate whole home solar and backup power solution. Professional installation recommended.

2. Generac PWRcell Plus

The PWRcell Plus makes solar simple by combining an battery featuring advanced Smart Load Management and a 7.6kW built-in bi-directional inverter in one cabinet.

Available in 8.6 – 43 kWh options, the integrated inverter streamlines installation. Best for retrofits or adding solar storage to existing panels.

3. Generac PWRcell

These standalone batteries range from 8.6 kWh to 86 kWh, working with external solar inverters. The modular batteries are stackable for expandable capacity.

Flexible integration with new/current systems makes PWRcell batteries a great choice. Optional DC-coupled inverters allow energy storage directly from solar panels.

4. Generac PWRcell Start

The streamlined 5 kWh PWRcell Start delivers essential backup capability through solar at an affordable price point under $9,000.

Perfect for smaller homes wanting basic off-grid readiness. Just partner with a compatible inverter and sufficient solar panels.

Choosing the Right PowerCell for Your Home

With Generac’s range of PowerCell options, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Calculate your kWh energy storage needs based on home size, appliances, and runtime goals during outages.
  • Determine the solar array wattage needed to effectively charge your PowerCell capacity.
  • Evaluate expandability – some systems allow adding more batteries as energy needs grow.
  • Assess if a built-in or external inverter is preferable based on your installation scenario.
  • Consider any placement challenges for large outdoor battery units.
  • Compare costs across vendors – PowerCell prices are competitive and sometimes subsidized.
  • Weigh ease of installation – some configurations require professional support.
  • Review warranty terms across models to ensure adequate coverage.

With these factors in mind, you can confidently select the PowerCell optimized for your household energy usage, solar setup, and budget.

Frequently Asked PowerCell Questions

Some common questions about Generac’s solar batteries include:

How long do PowerCell batteries last?

PowerCells maintain 70% of original capacity after 10 years – generous lifespan for home solar batteries. Proper maintenance optimizes longevity.

What temperature ranges can PowerCell operate in?

PowerCells function from -4 to 140Β°F. Colder climates may require indoor/heated enclosure.

Can PowerCells be installed outdoors?

Yes, outdoor installation is common provided the PowerCell is protected from direct weather and temperature extremes.

How is PowerCell capacity measured?

Capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) denoting how much energy it can store. This determines backup runtimes.

What size solar array is needed?

Size your solar panels 20-30% larger than your PowerCell’s kWh rating for sufficient charging capability.

Do you need professional installers?

End-to-end PWRcell systems benefit from pro installers. But standalone PowerCells are DIY-friendly with basic electrical know-how.

Can PowerCells run my whole home?

Yes! With adequate solar panels and 30+ kWh battery capacity, you can run appliances, A/C, etc just like grid power.

What safety features are in place?

PowerCells have integrated battery management, fault protection, fire suppression canisters, and redundant safety at both cell and system levels.

Can you connect multiple PowerCell batteries?

Yes, several models allow combining multiple PowerCells. This expands energy storage and backup capacity.

Start Powering Your Home with Free, Clean Solar

Generac PowerCell solar batteries make storing the sun’s energy simple and effective for powering your home around the clock. With built-in intelligence, an industry-leading warranty, and scalable modular architecture, PowerCells offer a reliable clean energy solution.

Use this buyer’s guide to determine the perfect PowerCell battery for your solar goals, whether independence from the electric grid or just supplemental savings. Investing in a robust PowerCell system keeps your appliances running and home livable during blackouts while harnessing renewable solar power.

The sun provides all the energy needed to run your home. Put it to work with an efficient Generac PowerCell solar battery!

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