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Powering Your Entire Home: Choosing the Best Generac Whole Home Generator

When stormy weather and grid failures hit, it’s miserable losing power across your entire home. The lights go out, AC shuts off, appliances stop running, and your family is stuck in the dark. But thanks to Generac whole home generators, you can maintain electricity through any outage.

Generac offers several lines of powerful, fully automatic standby generators purpose-built to provide backup power for your full household when utility supply fails. Rest assured your home will stay powered on even when the neighborhood goes dark.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best Generac generators for whole home coverage across a range of power outputs, fuel types, noise levels and features. Let’s review how to choose the ideal Generac unit to protect your home.

Overview of Generac’s Whole Home Generator Lineup

Generac designs multiple series of residential generators capable of powering full homes:

  • Evolution Series – Generac’s most popular line with user-friendly digital controls.
  • Elite Series – Top tier models with maximum power output and WiFi connectivity.
  • QuietSource Series – Ultra quiet operation at just 59 decibels.

Common traits of whole home Generac generators:

  • Power Output of 16kW or higher to support 3000+ square foot homes
  • Automatic Operation that starts within seconds when an outage is detected
  • External Installation in weatherproof enclosures with proper ventilation
  • Whole Home Coverage requires properly managing load on the circuits

Now let’s look at key specifications like power output, fuel type, noise level and installation considerations when choosing a whole home unit.

Key Specs for Whole Home Backup Generators

Power Output

The power output needed depends on home size and circuits powered:

  • 16kW supports most homes up to 3,000 square feet
  • 20kW for larger homes up to 4,000 square feet
  • 24kW and above for big luxury houses with ample circuits

Consult an electrician to confirm your requirements. Remember to account for future expansion.

Fuel Types

Common whole home generator fuel sources:

  • Natural Gas – Taps into your existing home gas lines for unlimited runtime.
  • Propane – Requires a large external tank professionally installed and refilled.

Natural gas is the most convenient fuel, avoiding tank refills. But propane allows flexibility on generator placement as needed.


Whole home units require professional outdoor installation:

  • Mounted on a concrete pad with protective steel enclosure
  • Hardwired into your home’s electrical system with a transfer switch
  • Proper clearance from windows, doors, and ground level for ventilation
  • Adherence to all codes and obtaining required permits

Work with an authorized Generac dealer to ensure proper installation and functionality.

Reviews of 4 Top Generac Whole Home Generators

Here are complete reviews of 4 best selling Generac whole home generators across various power outputs:

Generac 7043 – Mid-Level Whole Home Backup

  • 16kW output can support homes up to 3000+ square feet
  • Available for natural gas or propane setups
  • Fairly quiet at 63 decibels
  • Evolution series features like LED touchscreen
  • 48 x 25 x 29 inch dimensions for standard installs
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • MSRP starting around $3,999

Generac 7074 – More Power for Large Homes

  • 22kW output capable of powering 4000+ sq ft households
  • Very quiet operation at just 61 decibels for the power
  • Compatible with natural gas or propane fuel sources
  • Includes Evolution series controller features
  • 48 x 33 x 29 inch footprint takes a bit more space
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • MSRP starting around $5,999

Generac 7043F – Whisper Quiet Power

  • 20kW output great for homes up to 4000 sq ft
  • Extremely quiet at just 59 decibels
  • Part of Generac’s QuietSource elite series
  • Operates on natural gas or propane
  • WiFi Link enables remote monitoring
  • Larger 48 x 30 x 69 inch dimensions
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • MSRP starting around $7,999

Generac G007041 – 24kW Maximum Home Power

  • Massive 24kW power output for full large luxury home coverage
  • Surprisingly quiet at 61 dB given higher capacity
  • Available for natural gas or propane fueling
  • LED touchscreen shows diagnostics and alerts
  • Protective weatherproof steel enclosure
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • MSRP starting around $7,999

Hopefully these reviews give you a sense of Generac’s whole home generator options to protect any size household during utility power failures.

Choosing the Right Generac Whole Home Generator

Key factors in choosing your Generac whole home generator:

  • Make a list of must-have appliances, devices, and circuits that need backup power
  • Calculate your home’s total square footage
  • Determine the number of HVAC zones needing coverage
  • Have an electrician assess your peak power draw scenario for proper sizing
  • Pick natural gas or propane fuel based on utility availability and placement
  • Measure distance to neighbors and noise requirements
  • Select standard Evolution series or upgrade to Elite series for WiFi monitoring
  • Assess if ultra quiet operation is a priority for your property
  • Work with a certified Generac dealer for proper permitting, installation and integration with your electrical system
  • Compare pricing across local authorized Generac dealers in your area

Taking the time to properly size your whole home generator results in powering your most important electrical needs to ride out any outage in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Whole Home Generators

Q1: What size Generac generator do I need for whole home backup?

A 16kW unit supports up to 3000 sq ft homes. Go with 20kW+ for larger households and more circuits. Have an electrician confirm your requirements.

Q2: Where should a whole home generator be installed outside?

Generac recommends installing generators on concrete pads in weatherproof enclosures located away from windows, doors, vents and ground level for sound, exhaust and maintenance access.

Q3: How are Generac generators installed and wired into a home?

Generac generators require professional installation and integration with your electrical system through a transfer switch by a licensed electrician and authorized Generac dealer in order to function safely and properly.

Q4: Is a transfer switch required with Generac whole home generators?

Yes, a transfer switch is crucial for isolating your generator from the main utility feed for safety when the power goes out. It also avoids back-feeding to outside power lines.

Q5: How long can a whole home Generac generator run on one tank of fuel?

A large propane tank can provide 24-48 hours of runtime. Natural gas connected to home lines provides unlimited runtime. Refueling time varies.

Q6: How loud are Generac whole home generators?

Most models produce sound ranging from 59-69 decibels. QuietSource units are ultra-quiet at 59dB. Sound is muffled inside enclosure panels.

Q7: What maintenance do Generac whole home generators require?

Routine maintenance involves occasional oil/filter changes, battery replacement every 2-3 years, cleaning debris from housing, testing and inspecting wiring and fuel lines.

Q8: Can I monitor my Generac whole home generator remotely?

Yes, Generac’s Elite series models have built-in cellular connectivity allowing you to monitor status and receive alerts for your generator via their Mobile Link app from anywhere.

Q9: How long is the warranty coverage for Generac generators?

All Generac whole home generators come with a 5 year limited warranty covering parts, labor, travel, diagnostics and repairs by a Generac authorized technician.

Q10: Why choose Generac for whole home backup power?

Generac is the #1 selling home generator brand in the US. Their excellent reputation comes from making reliable, durable generators paired with great warranties, support, and their vast certified dealer network.

Protect your most important electrical needs from any outage with a Generac whole home generator sized specifically for your household. Contact me anytime to discuss your options! Stay powered on.

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