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Power You Can Depend On: Choosing the Best Generac Power Generator

When the lights go out and power fails, life can come to a standstill without electricity. But thanks to Generac power generators, you can keep appliances running, homes operational, and worksites productive during outages.

For over 60 years, Generac has designed and built high-performance power generators used across homes, job sites, events, and recreation. Whether you need backup electricity for a few essential items or an entire commercial operation, Generac makes reliable power generators up to the task.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best Generac power generators for a variety of applications and needs. Let’s review the types of Generac generators available and the features that set each model apart so you can decide which generator provides the right power for your situation.

Overview of the Generac Power Generator Lineup

Generac offers several series of generators with outputs that span portable inverter units to massive industrial generators:

  • Portable Generators – Compact, movable units for worksites, events, recreation
  • Home Standby Generators – Permanently installed for automatic household backup
  • Commercial Generators – Large power for businesses and facilities
  • Recreational Generators – Inverter units for camping, tailgating, hunting

Generator output ranges from 800 watt portable inverter models up to 9,000+ kilowatt industrial-sized generators able to power small cities.

The key factors that differentiate Generac generator models include:

  • Portability – Can unit be easily transported?
  • Fuel Type – Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, etc.
  • Power Output – Measured in watts or kilowatts
  • Features – Inverter, WiFi, outlets, wheels, etc.

Next, let’s explore the typical uses for both portable and standby home generators.

Portable vs Standby Generators

Portable Generators

Portable generators from Generac are designed to provide power on the go for:

  • Construction sites, worksites, and job locations
  • Camping, hunting, fishing, and RV trips
  • Outdoor events, gatherings, and recreation
  • Providing backup electricity during power outages
  • Can be easily moved and transported as needed

Portable units run on gasoline or propane fuel so they can be refueled in any location as needed for continued use. Their compact size and mobility make them the perfect power source when travelling or moving around to different sites.

Standby Home Generators

Generac’s home standby generators serve as permanent automatic backup systems to keep households powered in the event of an outage.

Key uses include:

  • Protecting homes and families during power grid failures and blackouts
  • Automatically turning on within seconds when an outage is detected
  • Running on natural gas or a large external propane tank – no refueling needed
  • Supplying electricity for hours or days until utility power restores

Standby units are permanently installed outside the home and connected to existing electrical systems for automatic operation when the grid power fails.

Key Power Output Considerations

A generator’s power output determines how many devices and appliances it can operate simultaneously. This output is measured in:

  • Watts – Typically for smaller portable generators
  • Kilowatts (KW) – Used for larger home and commercial generators

When selecting your generator:

  • Carefully assess how much power you need for your intended use case.
  • More output allows more items to run at once, but costs more.
  • Avoid overbuying a generator with far more output than actually required.
  • Match extended heavy power draws with a high enough output to prevent overworking.

With Generac’s wide range of outputs, you’re sure to find the perfect power generation for your specific needs.

Now let’s look at some of Generac’s best selling and highest rated power generator options.

Reviews of 4 Top Rated Generac Power Generators

Here are complete reviews of 4 excellent Generac power generators suitable for a variety of applications and buyer needs:

Generac GP3000i – Portable Camping Inverter

Overview: Compact and portable inverter generator ideal for camping, tailgating, and recreational power needs.

Power: 3000 starting watts, 2300 running watts

Noise: Ultra quiet at just 57 decibels. Won’t disturb others.

Fuel: Gasoline for power on the go anywhere.

Technology: Advanced inverter generator provides clean, stable power for sensitive electronics.

Portability: Under 50 lbs makes it easy to move and transport.

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

Price: MSRP $1199

Ideal For: Camping, hiking, hunting, tailgating, and any portable power needs where quiet, clean electricity is valued.

Generac GP6500 – Open Frame Home Backup

Overview: Robust open frame home standby generator meant for essential whole home backup.

Power: 6500 starting watts, 5500 running watts.

Fuel: Liquid propane or natural gas. No refueling needed.

Noise: Quiet operation at just 60 dB.

Features: Digital controls, outlets, never flat wheels, folding handle.

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty.

Price: MSRP $1699

Ideal For: Whole home backup power during outages where automatic electrical supply for essentials is critical.

Generac GP8000E – Fully Equipped Home Standby

Overview: Top home standby generator provides whole house coverage with WiFi monitoring.

Power: 8000 starting watts, 7000 running watts. Enough for full home.

Fuel: Natural gas or liquid propane. No refueling required.

Noise: Quiet operation at 66 dB. Fully enclosed for sound dampening.

Features: WiFi monitoring, multilingual LED touchscreen display, steel enclosure.

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty.

Price: MSRP $3999

Ideal For: Homeowners wanting maximum home power protection and remote monitoring convenience from their standby generator.

Generac MLG2500 – Industrial Generator

Overview: Commercial grade diesel generator built for continuous heavy use in industrial settings.

Power: 25,000 starting watts, 22,000 running watts. Massive power output.

Fuel: Large capacity diesel tank allows for incredibly long run times.

Noise: Surprisingly quiet at just 64 dB given extreme power output.

Features: Big engines designed for continuous 24/7 operation and harsh conditions.

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

Price: MSRP $8799

Ideal For: Large scale operations that demand continuous, reliable power output under heavy load demands, including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, government, healthcare and more.

Tips for Choosing the Right Generac Generator for You

  • Consider where and how you plan to use the generator – at home, worksite, or recreation.
  • Determine required fuel type based on use – gasoline for portable flexibility, natural gas or propane for permanent home standby.
  • Estimate your necessary power output in watts/kilowatts based on items needing electricity.
  • For standby home units, assess need for WiFi monitoring and benefits for your lifestyle.
  • Adhere to all operating, maintenance and safety guidelines from Generac.
  • For commercial and industrial generators, properly match extended heavy power draw requirements to rated output to avoid overloading.
  • Obtain proper installation and operating permits if permanently mounting a unit.
  • Select the appropriate Generac series tier based on intended use, power needs, budget, and warranty term desires.

As you can see, Generac offers generator solutions for just about any application. Their power generators set the standard for reliable, durable and innovative power generation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Power Generators

Q1: How much backup power output do I actually need?

Carefully assess which lights, appliances, devices, etc. you want to run during an outage. Select a generator that meets your needs without significant excess capacity.

Q2: What size of Generac generator should I purchase?

Use your estimated power output needs in watts/kilowatts to determine the appropriate sized generator. Consider possible future expansion. An electrician can help size your requirements.

Q3: Where is the best outdoor location to install a home standby generator?

Generac recommends installing generators on concrete pads with clearance from windows, doors, vents and ground level for sound, exhaust, and maintenance access. Overhead protection is also advised.

Q4: How long can I expect a portable generator to run on a tank of gas?

With efficient use, most portable Generac generators can operate 3-12 hours on a tank of gas depending on model and load. Bring extra fuel when remote.

Q5: How do I choose between different generator brands and models?

Compare professional reviews, ratings, power outputs, fuel types, warranties, and advanced features against your needs. Consult a certified dealer for advice.

Q6: What kind of regular maintenance is required?

Generac generators mainly just need occasional oil/filter changes, fuel line inspections, exercising to prevent gumming, general cleaning, battery replacement, and inspection of connections/hoses. Read manuals.

Q7: Can a home standby generator power my entire house?

With adequate power output (typically 16kW+), proper installation, and load management a home standby generator can run most households. Fully assess your needs.

Q8: Is a transfer switch required to connect my standby generator?

Yes, a transfer switch safely isolates your generator from the grid and is code required in most areas. An electrician can install one.

Q9: What determines whether I need gas, diesel, or propane fuel?

Gasoline for portable mobility, propane or natural gas for permanent home convenience since they tap into on-site fuel tanks/lines. Diesel offers extended run times but needs large external tanks.

Q10: Do I need a permit to install a standby home generator?

Yes, in most jurisdictions electrical permits are required for permanent home generator installation to meet local codes and regulations. Your dealer can handle permitting.

Rely on Generac power generators for dependable, durable backup electricity or power delivery for any application. Contact me with any other generator questions! I’m happy to help you find the perfect Generac unit for your needs. Stay powered on.

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