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Power Washing Powerhouse: Choosing the Best Generac Pressure Washer for Your Needs

Pressure washing can tackle all kinds of stubborn dirt, grime and stains around your home. With the right power washer, you can restore the look of surfaces from patios to siding with ease. This guide will explore Generac’s versatile lineup of power washers to determine which model best fits your cleaning jobs.

From compact consumer units to heavy-duty professional models, Generac offers reliable power washing solutions for light household tasks or intensive commercial applications. By evaluating key factors like PSI power, GPM flow rates, mobility needs and ease of use, you can select your ideal Generac power washer.


Founded in 1959, Generac stands today as a leader in power equipment including portable generators and pressure washers. Generac power washers leverage robust components to create professional-grade cleaning power even for homeowner usage.

Power washers blast away caked-on messes using an intensified stream of water pressure. Electric or gas-powered motors drive a high-pressure water pump to increase water pressure, while the gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate determines cleaning speed. This combination of PSI and GPM allows power washing to deep clean surfaces like concrete, brick, wood, vehicles and more.

Generac’s lineup includes four main power washer series optimized for different applications. We’ll compare Generac’s SpeedWash, Pro-Grade, Commercial-Grade, and Hot Water models to select the best machine for tackling your cleaning jobs.

The 4 Best Generac Power Washers

Generac SpeedWash Power Washers

The SpeedWash Series represents Generac’s lineup of affordable consumer power washers designed for typical residential cleaning tasks. Available in electric and gas-powered models from 1600 to 3100 PSI, SpeedWash units provide the perfect balance of homeowner-friendly features, performance and price.

Ideal for periodic cleaning jobs like patios, walkways, wood decks, vinyl siding, driveways and vehicles, SpeedWash models have adjustable pressure and detergent settings. An ergonomic spray gun and 25 foot hose maximize ease of use.

Key Features:

  • PSI from 1600 to 3100
  • 1.2 to 2.0 GPM flow
  • 25′ kink-free high pressure hose
  • Consumer-grade electric or gas engines
  • Integrated detergent tank
  • Garden hose quick connect


  • Not intended for extended commercial use
  • Limited warranty period
  • Lower power than professional models
  • No option for hot water capability

For most homeowners, a Generac SpeedWash can handle occasional exterior cleaning tasks at an affordable price point.

Generac Pro-Grade Pressure Washers

Stepping up in power and performance, the Pro-Grade Series delivers mid-tier models with extra muscle for frequent residential washing. With heavy-duty features and 3000 to 3200 PSI output, Pro-Grade washers make quick work of larger projects.

Pro-Grade models have commercial-grade features like an all-metal pump, detergent mixer, pro-style spray gun and durable welded frame. A premium residential engine provides for longer useful life under daily use.

Key Features:

  • Professional-style belt-drive pump
  • PSI up to 3200
  • Up to 2.5 GPM flow
  • CARB compliant engines
  • Pro-style spray gun and nozzles
  • Detergent selector and hose reel options


  • Higher costs than consumer models
  • Heavier and less portable
  • Overkill for light homeowner use
  • No hot water capability

With exceptional power and durability, a Pro-Grade model can handle frequent home washing tasks for years.

Generac Commercial-Grade Power Washers

The Commercial-Grade Series represent Generac’s premium power washers engineered for intensive commercial applications. With 3000 to 4000 PSI and GPMs up to 4, these rugged units provide relentless cleaning muscle for hours of daily use.

Robust belt-drive triplex pumps, industrial-grade engines and durable steel frames allow Commercial-Grade models to withstand abusive worksites and demanding cleaning projects. They offer bonuses like isolated pumps,lifetime warranties and flat-free tires.

Key Features:

  • Industrial triplex high pressure pumps
  • Commercial-duty engines up to 27 HP
  • Hardened steel frame and protective covers
  • Many models certified to UL and CSA standards
  • Optional hot water and high flow configurations


  • Very large, heavy and cumbersome
  • Significant upfront investment
  • Overpowered for residential needs
  • Requires dedicated trailer or truck mounting

When professional use demands the ultimate in pressure washing power, Commercial-Grade models are purpose-built to handle the toughest jobs.

Generac Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers combine extreme temperatures up to 250°F with high pressure cleaning to offer superior cleaning results through melted grease and grime. Generac’s models ranging from 2700 to 4000 PSI provide the ideal balance of H20 heat and pressure punch for specialized applications.

By heating water up to five times hotter than typical models, Generac hot water pressure washers can clean more efficiently while using less water in many cases. Their pressurized systems prevent dangerous steam vapors.

Key Features:

  • Electric, propane or diesel-heated
  • Temperatures up to 250°F
  • 2700-4000 PSI
  • Standard skid or custom trailer configurations
  • Ideal for grease and oil cleanup


  • Unable to provide very hot and very high pressure simultaneously
  • More expensive than comparable PSI cold models
  • Limited residential usefulness
  • Not designed for use with flammable chemicals

When tackling extremely greasy or oily messes, the added heat of a Generac hot water model can make an intensive cleaning job significantly easier.

Choosing the Right Generac Power Washer

Choosing your ideal Generac power washer depends on several factors:

Cleaning Applications – Consider surface types and soil levels to determine required PSI and features. More frequent/demanding jobs call for higher-end models.

Mobility – Light-duty consumer models optimize portability. Commercial-grade units are very bulky but enable mounting on trailers or trucks.

Power Type – Electric washers offer convenience while gasoline engines provide independence from electrical sources.

Water Volume – GPM flow should suit the size of tasks. Higher GPM saves time on big projects.

Ease of Maintenance – Consumer models allow for DIY repairs while commercial units may require professional service.

Special Features – Hot water capability, detergent tanks, hose reels enhance certain applications. But avoid overbuying features you may not need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Power Washers

How does a power washer work?

A motor-driven high-pressure pump forces water through a resistant nozzle to intensify water pressure. Output up to thousands of PSI ruptures bonds between dirt and surfaces.

How are psi and GPM related on power washers?

PSI provides cleaning strength while GPM measures water volume. Together they determine total cleaning power. Balancing them maximizes efficiency.

What PSI is best for different cleaning jobs?

Light jobs need ~1400 PSI. Wood/vinyl siding needs ~2000 PSI. Heavy masonry cleaning requires 3000+ PSI. More PSI isn’t necessarily better.

How do you choose between gas and electric models?

Electric washers provide convenience and lower maintenance at the cost of limited mobility from the cord. Gas models have more power and mobility.

What maintenance do Generac power washers require?

Follow factory recommended service intervals for check-ups. Flush systems and lubricate seals after use. Winterize gas models for storage. Verify safety features.

How long do Generac power washer pumps last?

With proper maintenance, Generac pumps typically last 500-1000 hours on consumer models and over 1500 hours on commercial-grade units before needing rebuild or replacement.

What is the benefit of hot water power washing?

Heated water up to 250°F melts caked-on grease and grime for easier cleaning. It allows use of less pressure and detergents.

How quiet are Generac power washers?

Gas-powered units generate typical engine noise around 85-95 dB. Electric models operate more quietly. Sound insulation accessories further reduce noise.

How much do Generac power washers cost?

Consumer units cost $150-$400. Pro-grade models are $500-$1,500. Commercial-grade units run $1,500-$4,000 or more. Hot water capability costs extra.

How can you prolong the life of a power washer?

Preventing overheating, storing indoors, maintaining components, using pump saver chemicals, and flushing systems prolong the life span.


A Generac power washer makes quick work of dirt and stains on exterior home surfaces. Their SpeedWash line provides affordable cleaning power for residential needs. Pro-Grade models boost durability and performance for frequent homeowner washing. For professional duty, Commercial-Grade units offer extreme power and longevity.

Considering factors like your usage level, portability needs, desired power output and budget will help narrow down the ideal Generac power washer for tackling your projects. Taking time to properly maintain your pressure washer and follow safe operating practices will ensure it delivers years of robust cleaning muscle.

With a Generac power washer matched to your specific washing requirements, you can blast away stubborn gunk and restore the aesthetic appeal of your home’s siding, decking, pavement and vehicles. Keep surfaces looking fresh and inviting with the deep-cleaning power of Generac’s pressure washing solutions.

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