Power Washing Made Easy: Choosing Generac Cleaning Machines

Looking to tackle the grime and restore your home’s exterior, vehicles, and outdoor gear? A power washer packs the punch to blast away dirt, mold, mildew and stains with concentrated high-pressure water. Designed for serious cleaning jobs, Generac power washers combine rugged construction with user-friendly features.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review Generac’s most popular power washer models, the benefits of power washing, key buying considerations, safe operating tips, frequently asked questions, and more. The right power washer makes quick work of big cleaning projects while saving you elbow grease. By understanding the range of Generac options, you can select the best machine for tackling your washing needs head on.

Top 4 Generac Power Washer Models

Generac manufactures a diverse power washer lineup spanning light consumer models to heavy-duty professional-grade units. Here are 4 top picks across the range:

Generac 6585 SpeedWash â€“ This budget-friendly electric model provides 2300 PSI pressure and 1.2 GPM flow rate. Detergent tank, 25 ft hose, and onboard storage make it very convenient.

Generac 6602 OneWash â€“ For deeper cleaning, the OneWash generates 3000 PSI at 2.0 GPM flow. Powered by a 196cc Generac OHV engine, it includes a 25 ft hose and 50 ft power cord.

Generac 6922 Pro Grade Cordless â€“ Offering complete mobility, this battery powered unit provides 2000 PSI and 1.1 GPM, ideal for vehicles, decks, patios and more. It bundles a 25 ft hose and battery charger.

Generac 8952 Commercial Grade â€“ Built for the most demanding jobs, this pro workhorse delivers 4000 PSI and 4 GPM flow rate powered by a 389cc Generac OHV engine. It’s GC190 Honda clone engine ensures reliability. A 50 ft steel-braided hose is included.

All Generac power washers emphasize portability features like big wheels and ergonomic handles. Their axial cam pumps and triplex ceramic plungers withstand prolonged use. Let’s look closer at the key benefits these machines provide.

Benefits of Generac Power Washers

Powerful Cleaning â€“ With pressure up to 4000 PSI, Generac power washers blast away caked-on grime from virtually any outdoor surface. Higher pressure saves you hours of scrubbing.

Mobility â€“ Built-in wheels, balanced weight distribution, and fold-out handles allow easily maneuvering the units around your property to access all areas needing cleaning.

Professional Components â€“ Commercial-grade features like axial cam pumps, steel-braided hoses, and name brand engines ensure durability under heavy use.

Unlimited Runtime â€“ Gasoline-powered models offer continuous cleaning power whenever you need it, while electric units recharge quickly for all-day use.

Detergent Injection â€“ Integrated detergent tanks and soap nozzles improve cleaning efficiency by dissolving grime so the pressure rinses it away with ease.

Interchangeable Tips â€“ From aggressive zero degree jets to wide-spray detergent nozzles, tips allow tailoring the spray pattern for the surface and cleaning task at hand.

Convenient Controls â€“ Ergonomic spray gun triggers, simple start procedures, and intuitive controls allow anyone to operate Generac power washers with ease.

Dealer Support â€“ Generac’s nationwide authorized service dealers provide support cleaning professionals rely on to keep equipment running reliably.

Power washing is up to 10 times faster than hand scrubbing. Let’s look at key factors to weigh when picking your Generac power washer.

Key Buying Considerations for Generac Power Washers

Cleaning Applications â€“ Determine if you need a unit for moderate home jobs like vehicles, decks, etc. or more frequent heavy-duty use. Durability and runtime matter most for frequent cleaning.

Portability Type â€“ Stationary units offer ruggedness at a lower price point. Wheeled models provide maneuverability around your property. Cordless power washers run on battery power for ultimate mobility.

Required Pressure â€“ Match the pressure rating (PSI) to your cleaning needs. 2000-2800 PSI suits most homeowner’s occasional cleaning tasks while 3000+ PSI tackles the most stubborn buildup.

Power Source â€“ Gas engines provide continuous use while electric units offer quiet, fume-free operation from a power outlet. Battery powered models run for 30-60 minutes per charge.

Power Supply â€“ Ensure your electric supply or battery capacity meets the requirements to operate the washer under load. Extension cord minimum wire gauge depends on electric power washer amp rating.

Hose Length â€“ Longer hoses up to 50 ft allow accessing a larger area from a single setup position. But they are heavier to move around. Short 15-25 ft hoses offer more maneuverability.

Warranty Coverage â€“ Generac offers 1-2 year limited warranties on residential power washers. Commercial units have shorter 90 day warranties, so opt for an extended commercial warranty.

Carefully matching the power washer specifications and features to your applications results in the most suitable cleaning machine for home or professional use.

Power Washer Use and Care Tips

Follow these proven tips when using your Generac power washer for optimal performance and safety:

  • Always test on an inconspicuous spot first to avoid surface damage from excessive pressure. Start at wider angles.
  • Maintain a minimum working distance from surfaces based on the pressure rating. Position the nozzle 6-24 inches away to prevent damage.
  • When using pressure above 2000 PSI, wear protective gear like closed toe shoes, gloves, eye and ear protection.
  • Use the 25-40 degree fan spray tips for most general cleaning purposes. Pencil point zero degree tips are for spot cleaning heavy buildup.
  • Allow detergent to soak for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. This allows the chemicals time to loosen caked-on dirt.
  • Rinse wooden decks at angles to avoid driving water into wood pores. Limit pressure to prevent stripping paint and damaging softer surfaces.
  • Shut off the detergent flow valve when not actively washing to avoid wasting soap. Periodically inspect the detergent filter.
  • Follow the manual for any engine oil, pump lubrication, and other periodic maintenance required on your unit. This prevents premature breakdowns.

Now let’s address some common power washer questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Power Washers

Q: How are power washer models rated?

A: Power washers are rated by maximum pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch) and by water flow rate in GPM (gallons per minute). Pressure loosens grime and GPM rates determines rinsing capacity. Most common residential models range from 1600 to 3000 PSI.

Q: What is the difference between gas and electric power washers?

A: Gas powered units offer continuous, uninterrupted use but require more maintenance like oil changes. Electric models provide quieter and cleaner operation but run time is limited per charge. Corded electric models allow unlimited use near a power outlet.

Q: What PSI rating is needed for home use?

A: Power washers around 2000-2800 PSI suit most typical residential cleaning tasks like vehicles, decks, patios, siding etc. Ratings above 3000 PSI are for professional use tackling extremely heavy buildup on concrete and other hard surfaces.

Q: What accessories do you recommend getting?

A: A 25-40° fan spray nozzle, soap dispenser attachment, wand extension, and surface cleaning brush or rotary attachment are convenient add-on’s for most homeowners. An extension hose can be useful for larger properties.

Q: How often is maintenance required?

A: Aside from post-use procedures like draining hoses, follow the manual for periodic maintenance. Expect to change oil on gasoline engine models after 40-50 hours of use. Grease and inspect pumps annually. Check for leaks and worn parts before storage.

The Cleaning Power You Need

Generac power washers take the hard work out of cleaning and maintenance. Their combination of convenience features, rugged build quality, and cleaning power outperform alternatives while saving you time. From quick cleanups to heavy duty grime removal, Generac offers the right machine for your washing tasks.

Follow the buying considerations to select the best power washer for home driveways and vehicles or frequent professional jobs. Adhere to good operating practices for efficiency and safety when putting your Generac unit to work. The results will have your home and outdoor gear looking like new again in no time.

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