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Power Washing Done Right: Choosing the Best Generac Pressure Washer for Your Needs

Nothing refreshes dirty exterior surfaces like a thorough pressure washing. Generac pressure washers deliver robust cleaning power for home and commercial applications.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to select the ideal Generac pressure washer for driveways, decks, houses, equipment, and more. You’ll see key specs to consider and reviews of Generac’s top-rated pressure washer models. Get ready to power wash like a pro!

Choosing the Right Generac Pressure Washer

Generac offers electric and gas engine pressure washers to match any cleaning task. Consider these factors when picking your Generac model:

Power Source

Electric pressure washers plug into a outlet. Gas models provide onboard power but need refueling. Electric is usually best for homeowners.

Pressure Rating

Measured in PSI, pressure affects cleaning power. 1600-1800 PSI is ideal for home use. Higher PSI tackles tougher commercial jobs.

Flow Rate

The GPM (gallons per minute) rating indicates water volume. 2-3 GPM suits most residential cleaning. Higher flow boosts efficiency on big jobs.


If mobility is important, assess a washer’s weight, handle style, and presence of wheels or a cart.

Special Features

Compare onboard detergent tanks, spray nozzles, hose lengths, warranties, and extra accessories across models.

Generac Pressure Washer Series

SpeedWash: Powerful electric washers for home and auto use.

Genesis: Affordable and reliable gas engine washers.

Heavy Duty: Robust professional-grade gas models.

Use this overview to narrow your Generac selection by series based on your pressure washing applications.

Top 4 Generac Pressure Washers

Here are 4 of the best-selling and highest-performing Generac pressure washers for both residential and commercial use:

Generac SpeedWash 6923 – Best Electric Pressure Washer

The SpeedWash 6923 electric washer delivers optimal home cleaning performance thanks to:

  • Power: 1900 PSI and 1.9 GPM for most home cleaning tasks.
  • Convenience: Plugs into a standard 120V household outlet.
  • Portability: Under 20 pounds with smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Cost: $

With the right balance of power, portability, and price, the SpeedWash 6923 is a top choice for homeowners needing a capable home pressure washer.

Generac 7132 – Most Powerful Gas Pressure Washer

The robust 7132 is Generac’s highest-performance gas pressure washer:

  • Heavy Duty Power: 3100 PSI and 2.8 GPM to blast away the toughest grime.
  • Portability: 196 pounds but with never-flat tires for maneuverability.
  • Commercial Grade: Durable for daily professional use.
  • Cost: $$

This professional-grade powerhouse handles commercial cleaning and other heavy-duty pressure washing jobs where electricity isn’t available.

Generac 6596 – Best Mid-Range Home Model

The 6596 strikes an ideal balance of home cleaning power and affordability:

  • Performance: 2600 PSI and 2.3 GPM rating cleans most home exteriors.
  • Convenient: Plugs into any standard outlet for easy setup.
  • Reliability: CARB compliant 196cc Generac OHV engine.
  • Cost: $

For homeowners needing robust cleaning for driveways, decks, patios and more, the 6596 delivers an optimal mix of power and value.

Generac Wheeled Electric Pressure Washer

This wheeled electric model provides convenience and mobility:

  • Cleaning Power: 1900 PSI and 1.6 GPM rating.
  • Portability: Weighs 26 pounds with 8-inch wheels.
  • Attachments: 25-foot hose and turbo nozzle.
  • Cost: $

The wheeled design and carried handle allow you to easily transport this washer anywhere needed around your property for quick exterior cleanups.

Proper Pressure Washer Operation and Maintenance

Your Generac pressure washer will deliver years of optimal cleaning performance with proper usage and regular maintenance. Follow these guidelines:

Setup and Positioning

Allow ample water supply to your washer. Adjust nozzle distance based on the surface being cleaned. Point wastewater away from clean areas.

Cleaning Technique

Apply detergent from bottom to top before rinsing. Keep the nozzle moving and avoid focusing on one area. Take care around fragile surfaces.

Maintenance Best Practices

Follow Generac’s maintenance checklist. Drain and flush the system after each use. Check nozzles and filters regularly. Use pump saver when storing. Replace parts like hoses, nozzles, and O-rings periodically.

Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs down the road and maximizes your pressure washer’s cleaning effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Pressure Washers

How long do Generac pressure washers last?

With proper maintenance, both the residential electric and commercial gas units can provide 5-10 years of reliable service. Maintain your washer well to maximize its lifespan.

How often should you service a Generac pressure washer?

Flush and drain the system after each use. Swap nozzles, filters, and hoses annually or as needed. Schedule tune-ups as recommended in the owner’s manual to keep warranties valid.

What PSI do I need for home use?

1600-1800 PSI is recommended for most residential cleaning like siding, decks, driveways and patios. 2000+ PSI is best for extremely tough jobs like concrete etching.

What’s the difference between electric and gas pressure washers?

Electric washers offer easier maintenance and operation but limited cord length. Gas models provide more power and mobility but require fuel and engine care.

How do you properly store a Generac pressure washer?

Fully flush the system, add pump saver, disconnect hoses, drain remaining water, and store indoors or under a protective cover. Maintain temperature between 40°-90°F.

What are the best Generac pressure washers?

For home use, the SpeedWash electric models offer the ideal balance of power and convenience. The 7132 or other Heavy Duty models excel for commercial applications.

How do you clean a Generac pressure washer?

Flush the system after each use. Occasionally clean the water inlet filter. Use a toothbrush and mild soap to clean nozzles. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners on components.

How do you troubleshoot pressure washer issues?

Check hoses for kinks, nozzle clogs, water supply, leak points, fuel (gas models), and correct wiring. Consult the owner’s manual for model-specific troubleshooting tips.

Power Up Your Cleaning with Generac

Stop struggling with grimy exterior surfaces. Generac pressure washers deliver robust cleaning power for homes and businesses alike.

Follow this buyer’s guide to choose the right electric or gas model for your needs. Adhere to proper setup, cleaning procedures, and ongoing maintenance to get the longest life and effectiveness from your pressure washer.

Invest in a Generac pressure washer and make dirty exteriors a thing of the past!

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