Power Outage Protection – Choosing the Perfect Generac Generator for Your Needs

A power outage can happen at any time, often when you least expect it. One moment you’re going about your day, and the next everything goes dark. When the lights flicker off, do you want to be left in the dark? With a trusty Generac generator, you’ll always have the backup power you need to keep things running smoothly.

Since 1959, Generac has led the way in innovative power solutions, manufacturing quality generators that provide the reliable electricity you need for your home, work, or play. With their award-winning product lineup, Generac has cemented themselves as a leader in the generator market.

I’ve relied on my Generac home standby generator countless times during power outages, and I know first-hand the peace of mind it provides. A Generac generator automatically detects a power loss and starts restoring electricity in just seconds. Power outages are no match against the trusted technology of Generac!

If you’re in the market for a new generator, Generac offers a diverse product line with options to suit any need. In this blog, we’ll explore the types of Generac generators available, key factors in choosing the right one, safety tips, and maintenance recommendations. Let’s delve in so you can find your perfect Generac generator!

Exploring the Extensive Lineup of Generac Generators

When shopping for a generator, the first step is deciding which type best fits your power needs. Generac provides several generator models designed for a range of applications.

Portable Powerhouse: Generac’s Lineup of Portable Generators

For on-the-go power, Generac’s portable generators allow you to bring backup electricity wherever you need it. They are ideal for powersport vehicles, RVs, camping trips, outdoor events, construction jobsites, and as an emergency power source at home.

Portable Generac generators are available in wattages ranging from 800 watts to 17,500 watts. More watts means powering more appliances and electronics. Consider how you plan to use your portable generator when selecting the appropriate wattage size.

Some key features of Generac’s portable inverter generator models include:

  • Ultra-quiet operation – Perfect for camping and tailgating without disturbing the peace.
  • Fuel efficient engine – Provides hours of power while stretching your fuel supply.
  • Compact, portable size – Lightweight models with handles and never-flat wheels for transporting.
  • Parallel capable – Connect two units together for increased wattage.

Popular portable models include the iQ2000, GP3000i, and GP15000E.

Automatic Backup Power: Generac Home Standby Generators

For automatic home backup power when the electrical grid fails, Generac’s line of home standby generators provides peace of mind. Available in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled models, Generac home generators range in wattages from 17,000 to 150,000 watts.

Home standby units are permanently installed outside of your home and hardwired to your existing electrical system. They supply power automatically when an outage is detected so you can continue using appliances and electronics uninterrupted.

Features of Generac home standby generators include:

  • Whole house coverage – Sufficient wattage to meet electrical needs for an entire home.
  • Automatic operation – Senses when the power goes out and seamlessly starts itself.
  • Quiet operation – Won’t disturb your neighbors during operation.
  • Fuel options – Runs on natural gas or liquid propane for flexible installation.

Popular home standby models include the Guardian Series and Evolution Series.

Super Clean Electricity: Generac Inverter Generators

Generac’s inverter generator offerings produce stable, clean electricity ideal for sensitive electronics like TVs, smartphones, gaming consoles, and computers.

Inverter generators excel at providing quiet, fuel efficient portable power thanks to their advanced design. Rather than a traditional “brush and slip rings” internal generator system, they use a digitally controlled inverter to convert DC current from the engine to clean AC current. This results in less noise, greater fuel economy, and safe electricity for electronics.

They also have less harmonic distortion than traditional generators, meaning steady voltage output and reliable performance. Popular inverter models include the iQ2000, iQ3500, and iQ4500.

By understanding the capabilities of each type, you can zero in on the perfect Generac generator for your specific needs.

Key Factors When Selecting Your Generac Generator

With Generac’s extensive product lineup, choosing the right generator involves careful consideration of several key factors:

How Do You Plan to Use It?

First, think about how you’ll be using your generator. The main uses include:

  • Whole house backup – Requires a standby home generator large enough to meet your electrical needs.
  • Portable power – Opt for a smaller, portable model to take on camping trips or use if the power goes out.
  • Recreation – Choose an inverter generator for quiet, convenient power while tailgating or enjoying outdoor hobbies.
  • Jobsite power – Larger portable models can provide ample electricity for tools and equipment.

Your intended use will steer you toward the appropriate Generac generator type.

Calculate Your Power Requirements

Don’t undersize your generator and risk not having enough power. Determine the wattage you need by adding:

  • Starting watts of largest appliance/device – Check manufacturer specs for starting wattage requirements.
  • Running watts of other connected items – Add running watt needs for additional appliances and electronics.
  • Additional starting watt allowance – Add at least 10% more for safety.

This gives your minimum wattage when selecting a Generac generator. Choosing one with extra wattage provides headroom and flexibility.

Consider Placement and Noise Level

If using a home standby generator, consider the placement carefully. It should be located away from windows and doors to direct noise away from living areas. Compare noise ratings (measured in decibels) to choose a “whisper-quiet” Generac model.

For portable use, noise may also be a factor when camping or during nighttime use. Again, compare noise ratings on spec sheets. Inverter generators tend to operate more quietly.

Determine Fuel Source

The fuel supply directly impacts costs and convenience. Most portable generators run on gasoline while home standby models operate on natural gas or liquid propane.

Gasoline offers portability and accessibility while natural gas and propane provide endless runtime when installed with existing home service. Evaluate available fuel sources when deciding on a generator model.

Seek Convenience and Safety Features

While all Generac generators provide reliable power, available features can enhance the experience. Convenient touches include electric start buttons, intuitive controls, outlets with circuit breakers, fuel gauges, and maintenance alerts. Safety features like CO Shield carbon monoxide monitoring offer protection and peace of mind.

Assess Portability

For portable generators, factors like overall size, weight, folding handles and never flat wheels determine how easily it moves around. Even large models can be portable with features like lifting hooks and strong frames with extendable axle mounts.

Compare Costs and Lifespan

Budget plays a role when selecting any major purchase. Compare generator prices against your budget. Also factor in costs for installation if needed and ongoing fuel and maintenance. Inverter models cost more but provide greater efficiency.

Consider lifespan as well – Generac’s legacy generators are built to last 20-30 years if properly maintained. Cost per year diminishes the longer it lasts.

By weighing all these factors, you can select the ideal Generac generator for your budget, needs and peace of mind.

Using Your Generac Generator Safely

Generac generators provide outstanding performance and protection, but like any power equipment, they must be used properly. Follow these tips for safely running your generator:

Never Operate Indoors

Never run a portable generator inside your home, garage, crawlspace, shed, or any enclosed area. This poses a very high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal. Only operate generators outside in well-ventilated areas.

Maintain Adequate Clearance

Give your generator space by keeping at least 5-7 feet of clearance on all sides during operation. Avoid cluttering the area or allowing debris to accumulate.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Active generators pose potential risks to children and pets. Always keep kids and animals a safe distance away when your generator is running. Designate the generator as an off-limits zone.

Use Proper Extension Cords

Rather than wiring a generator directly into your home’s electrical system, use heavy-duty outdoor-rated extension cords to supply power. Choose cords with adequate wire gauge to handle the electric load.

Do Not Overload

Monitor the combined starting and running wattage of connected devices to prevent overloading your generator. An overload can trip the built-in circuit breaker or damage the unit. Know your generator’s wattage rating.

Allow Proper Cooling

Generators require air circulation to prevent overheating. Allow ample clearance on all sides and avoid placing items on top of the unit. Never enclose a running generator in tight spaces.

By following basic safety precautions, your Generac generator will supply safe, reliable power whenever you need it.

Proper Care and Maintenance Keeps Generac Generators Running Strong

Regular maintenance is crucial for longevity and performance. Here’s how to keep your Generac generator in prime operating condition for years to come:

Change Oil Regularly

Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended oil change intervals. Generally, the oil should be changed after the first 20 hours of use, then every 50-100 hours of operation thereafter. Use high-quality 10w-30 or 5w-30 oil.

Replace Air and Fuel Filters

Dirty air and fuel filters starve the engine of clean air and fuel. Replace both filters regularly as directed in your manual, or more often if used frequently in dusty conditions.

Inspect and Replace Spark Plugs

Remove and inspect spark plugs yearly or every 100-200 hours. Replace if electrodes are worn or fouled. Use only the specified spark plugs for your generator engine.

Use Fuel Stabilizer

To prevent stale gasoline from gumming up the fuel system, treat stored fuel with a stabilizer like Generac’s GenFuel formula. Run the generator at least 10 minutes after adding stabilizer before storing.

Drain Fuel for Long-Term Storage

Before storing your generator for more than 2-3 months, drain old gas from the tank and carburetor. Refuel with fresh gasoline when taking it out of storage.

Keep Battery Charged

Home standby generators with battery start need the battery maintained. Charge monthly when not in use. Clean battery terminals to ensure a reliable connection.

Schedule Professional Servicing

Beyond DIY maintenance, have a certified Generac dealer perform annual servicing to keep your generator operating like new. Their technicians thoroughly inspect and tune the engine along with components like the generator, starter, controls, and battery. Consider extending your warranty coverage to 5 years for added peace of mind.

With proper care, your Generac generator will deliver years of smooth, trouble-free performance. Trust only Generac replacement parts to maintain safety and factory-spec performance.

Choose Generac for Your Source of Reliable Power

When you need backup electricity for your home or portable power for outdoor activities, there’s no better choice than Generac. Their complete product lineup provides an option for any need, budget or fuel source.

Generac generators shine under pressure – automatically restoring power during outages and delivering clean electricity for sensitive devices. Users around the world trust the legacy brand for its quality construction, user-friendly designs, and rugged reliability.

Whether you’re protecting your family during a blackout, camping off the grid, or powering tools at a jobsite, Generac generators provide the innovative solutions you want coupled with the peace of mind you need. So don’t wait until the next power outage to get prepared. Start your generator search today so you can choose the perfect Generac to keep the lights on.

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