Power Outage Protection – Choosing the Best Generac Generator for Your Home

Having a backup generator can provide invaluable peace of mind and protection for your home during power outages. As a leader in home backup power, Generac offers some of the best options for standby generators to meet a variety of needs and budgets. This guide will explore the key features and benefits of Generac’s top generator models to help you determine which is the best choice for your home.


Since 1959, Generac has been designing and manufacturing backup power equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Generac pioneered the development of affordable home standby generators and continues to be a leading innovator in the industry.

With unpredictable weather events becoming increasingly common, power outages can happen when you least expect them. Having backup power can literally keep the lights on, prevent food spoilage, allow you to run heating/cooling systems, and maintain internet/WiFi connectivity. A Generac generator automatically detects a power outage and kicks in within seconds to restore electricity. This prevents the disruption, inconvenience and potential damage of an outage.

Generac’s diverse product lineup offers solutions for every home backup application. Their key residential product lines include the Guardian Series, Protector Series, QuietSource Series and EcoGen Series. These encompass options for whole home coverage or powering essential circuits, a broad range of fuel types, and innovations for affordability and reliability.

The 4 Best Generac Home Generators

Generac Guardian Series

The flagship Guardian Series consists of Generac’s premium standby generators designed to automatically power your entire home during outages. Offering 24/7 protection against grid failure, it will maintain electricity for all household systems and appliances.

Ideal for homes with significant electrical loads or locations prone to frequent/extended outages, the Guardian Series delivers 6,000W to 22,000W output for whole home coverage. It has a weatherproof aluminum enclosure, intuitive touchscreen controller, and flexible fuel options including natural gas, liquid propane and diesel.

Key benefits:

  • Whole home backup power even for large homes
  • Fast automatic operation detects outage in 10 seconds
  • QUIETTESTTM noise reduction as low as 52 dBA
  • Mobile Link WiFi monitoring and control
  • 5 or 10 year limited warranty

Potential drawbacks:

  • Large capacities mean higher upfront costs
  • Permanent professional installation required
  • Not available in smaller capacities for partial home

As Generac’s premium offering, the Guardian generators represent a significant investment. However, the long-term benefits of comprehensive backup power can make it worthwhile for many homeowners.

Generac Protector Series

Providing an affordable alternative to the Guardian, the Protector Series packs Generac reliability into more compact units at lower costs. Ideal for partial home coverage, it’s well-suited to powering essential circuits like HVAC, refrigeration, home security, lights and more.

With outputs ranging from 6,500W to 16,000W, the Protector can comfortably back up key electrical loads in most homes. It shares several features with the Guardian models like automatic operation, mobile monitoring, and a 5-year warranty. QuietTEST noise reduction keeps sound levels low at 62-69 dBA.

Key benefits:

  • Lower acquisition cost than Guardian models
  • Compact size with smaller fuel tank
  • Partial home coverage for essential circuits
  • Quiet operation below 70 dBa
  • Available as standby model or portable

Potential drawbacks:

  • Not intended for whole home backup
  • Less rugged enclosure than Guardian
  • Limited expandability compared to Guardian

For budget-conscious homeowners or those with smaller electrical requirements, the Protector provides a scaled-down Generac generator solution. It offers reliable partial-home power at an attractive price point.

Generac QuietSource Series

As the name implies, the QuietSource Series focuses on ultra-quiet operation making it ideal for noise-sensitive settings. With a robust steel enclosure and whisper-quiet 53 dBA noise level, it is the perfect Generac model for suburban homes or neighborhoods with strict noise regulations.

Available in whole home or partial coverage capacities from 8,000W to 24,000W output, the QuietSource ensures ample backup power with minimal noise. It shares the automated functionality and optional WiFi Link monitoring with other Generac series.

Key benefits:

  • Extremely quiet operation at just 53 dBA
  • Steel enclosure with superior noise damping
  • Whole or partial home backup capacities
  • Ideal for noise-sensitive locations
  • 5 or 10 year limited warranty

Potential drawbacks:

  • Higher cost than equivalent Protector models
  • Large units require professional installation
  • Steel enclosure not as durable as Guardian aluminum

Homeowners needing ultra-quiet backup power will find the QuietSource models worth the additional investment. With noise levels comparable to a conversation, it’s an ideal Generac choice when sound is a primary concern.

Generac EcoGen Series

For environmentally-conscious homeowners, the EcoGen offers a green energy solution by incorporating LP propane fuel cell technology. This makes it a clean, low-emission generator for backup power or prime power applications.

Available in 6kW and 8kW capacities, the EcoGen can provide whole or partial home coverage with clean reliable power. The EcoGen has a smaller footprint and near silent operation at just 57dB. It’s suitable for garages, basements or detached sheds since exhaust fumes are not a concern.

Key benefits:

  • Proprietary fuel cell technology
  • Very low emissions and waste heat
  • No fuel storage tank needed
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Near silent operation at 57 dBa

Potential drawbacks:

  • Higher cost than conventional generators
  • Currently only available in smaller capacities
  • LP propane fuel can be more expensive

For eco-conscious homeowners who don’t require high power output, the EcoGen offers a game-changing green generator solution from Generac. This innovative product is on the cutting edge of clean energy technology for home backup power.

How to Choose the Right Generac Generator for Your Needs

With Generac’s wide range of home generator options, selecting the right model involves weighing several factors:

Power requirements – Determine the wattage needed to power essential electrical loads or your entire home. Higher capacity needs may call for a Guardian or QuietSource whole home unit. More modest needs can utilize a Protector or EcoGen for partial coverage.

Fuel type – Generac offers generators running on natural gas, liquid propane and diesel. The fuel logistics and cost may factor into your decision. EcoGen’s fuel cell technology provides a unique emissions-free option.

Noise restrictions – If operating quietly is a priority, the QuietSource or EcoGen are optimal with noise levels around 53-57 dBa. Guardian and Protector models have QuietTest noise reduction but are louder.

Budget – Guardian and QuietSource models come at a higher upfront cost for premium features and maximum power. Protector and EcoGen provide more budget-friendly options.

Location – A permanent generator should be installed in a protected outdoor location like a garage or shed. Smaller portable units can be used as needed.

Features – Additional capabilities like Mobile Link WiFi monitoring, cold weather packages or multiple fuel compatibility may be desirable.

By evaluating these factors, you can zero in on the ideal Generac generator for your household. Professional consultation is also recommended to ensure proper generator sizing and installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Generators

How long do Generac generators last?

With proper maintenance, Generac generators can provide reliable service for 10-25 years. Guardian and QuietSource models tend to have the greatest longevity.

How often should you run and maintain a Generac generator?

Generac recommends exercising your generator every 1-2 weeks for at least 10 minutes under load. This keeps components lubricated and prevents condensation buildup. Routine maintenance like oil/filter changes, battery replacement and checkups should be done annually.

What size Generac generator do I need?

Choosing the right generator size depends on your critical electrical loads and if you want partial or whole home backup. Your electrician can assess your home’s kW requirements and recommend an appropriately sized Generac unit such as a 22kW for full coverage or 16kW for partial.

Can a Generac generator power my entire home?

Yes, larger Generac units like those in the Guardian and QuietSource line can provide backup power for an entire residential electrical system, even very large homes over 5,000 square feet.

How noisy are Generac generators?

Generac’s QuietTEST noise reduction system keeps most models in the 62-72 dBA range. The QuietSource series is exceptionally quiet at just 53 dBa. For comparison, 50 dBa is the sound intensity of a normal conversation.

How much does a Generac generator cost?

The cost of a Generac generator depends on the capacity, features and model line. Partial home units like the Protector series can range from $2,500-$5,000 installed while whole home Guardian models are $5,000-$15,000.

Where are Generac generators made?

Generac produces generators at manufacturing and assembly plants located in Wisconsin and Minnesota in the United States. Certain components are sourced worldwide but assembly is domestic.

Do I need a transfer switch for a Generac generator?

Yes, a transfer switch is required to safely isolate your generator from the grid power and prevent backfeed. Generac’s pre-wired switch options make installation seamless.

What are the best places to install a Generac generator?

Generac recommends installing standby generators in an outdoor location at least 18″ above ground such as a concrete pad, garage, shed, or rooftop. This protects the unit and muffles sound.

How long will a Generac generator run on a full tank?

Runtime varies based on load level but most Generac models provide 6-10 hours per tankful on a typical residential load. Having sufficient fuel storage is essential during extended outages.

Is a Generac generator automatic?

Yes, all Generac home standby generators start automatically when power loss is detected. This enables them to restore electricity within seconds without any manual interaction needed.

What are the benefits of a Generac generator over other brands?

Generac is the #1 selling home backup generator brand in North America. Key advantages include:

  • Proven reliability with over 1.5 million installs
  • Innovative QuietTEST sound reduction technology
  • Flexible fuel options including eco-friendly models
  • Automatic operation and advanced monitoring
  • Strong warranties and nationwide dealer network
  • Cutting-edge products like EcoGen fuel cell technology


Having a home backup generator provides vital peace of mind by ensuring electrical essentials like heating, refrigeration and medical needs stay powered during blackouts. As an industry leader, Generac offers time-tested reliable models suitable for any size home and budget.

Key factors when selecting your Generac generator include your power requirements, fuel type preferences, noise restrictions, and budget. Models like the Guardian provide whole home coverage with premium features and capacity. The Protector offers more affordable partial home power while the QuietSource packs exceptional quiet operation. For environmentally-friendly fuel cell power, the EcoGen is an innovative option.

Installing a proper home backup generator involves carefully sizing your unit and situating it in a protected exterior location. But the benefits of keeping your lights on and household safeguarded during grid failures makes a Generac standby generator a worthwhile investment in home security and convenience. With Generac’s diverse range of models, you’re sure to find the ideal solution to keep essentials powered in any home during outages.

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