Power Out? No Problem! Choosing the Best Generac Whole House Generator for Your Needs

A power outage can throw your home into chaos – lights out, appliances off, and your family left in the dark. Installing a whole house generator is the best way to keep the lights on and your home functioning normally the next time strong winds, snow or storms cause the power to go down.

Generac is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to whole home backup generators. With different models and options available, how do you choose the right Generac generator to meet your family’s needs?

This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider – from your home’s size to features to budget – and provide recommendations for the best Generac generators for homes small and large. Read on to learn how to select the ideal Generac unit to keep your home powered when you need it most.

How Large is Your Home? Sizing Up Your Generator

The first major factor is determining the appropriate wattage (power output) you’ll need from your Generac whole house generator. This is based primarily on the square footage of your home. The larger your living space, the more wattage you’ll require to power all circuits.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • Smaller homes up to 3,000 square feet will do well with a 22kW to 27kW unit. This provides power for appliances, lighting, heating/AC and more.
  • For medium-sized homes between 3,000 to 5,000 square feet, a 36kW to 45kW output range is ideal. This will comfortably power a larger home.
  • Larger homes over 5,000 square feet have higher electrical demands and would require a 60kW generator or larger. These heavy-duty units ensure even large luxury homes stay fully powered.

Always consult with a Generac dealer to have your home’s wattage needs properly assessed. They can then help select a generator sized appropriately for your living space. Undersizing can lead to overload and tripping, while oversizing wastes money and fuel.

Which Fuel Type is Best? Comparing Generator Options

Generac offers their whole house generator models with a choice of fuel types – natural gas, propane and diesel. Each has their own pros and cons.

  • Natural gas generators connect directly to your home’s existing natural gas supply. This provides unlimited runtime as long as gas is flowing. Maintenance is also minimal with no refueling needed.
  • Propane models offer independence since no external fuel line is needed. A large external tank is installed and periodically refilled as needed. Initial install may be simpler than natural gas.
  • Diesel gensets can offer very high wattage output for large homes. Diesel fuel has a long shelf life. But these units tend to be more expensive and require maintenance like oil changes.

In moderate climates, natural gas is often considered the most convenient and hassle-free choice. But propane and diesel give you flexibility if gas lines are not available.

Key Features that Make Life Easier

Generac’s home generators pack in lots of helpful features to provide seamless backup power and hands-off convenience. Here are some key options to look for:

  • An automatic transfer switch monitors your main utility supply and automatically switches to the generator within seconds when an outage occurs. This happens immediately so you won’t experience any lapse in power.
  • Wifi monitoring allows you to remotely check the status of your generator from your smartphone. Get notifications if service is needed. Monitor exercise routines.
  • In colder regions, the cold weather package ensures smooth operation even amid ice and snow. Block heater, battery warmer and other cold-weather specific features are included.
  • Quiet-test mode lets you run test cycles at a reduced RPM for a quieter operation. This is considerate if you have close neighbors.
  • Extended 5, 7 and 10-year warranties allow for coverage against defects for years after install. This ensures your significant investment is protected long-term.

Prioritize these types of features when choosing your Generac model to maximize usability and peace of mind.

Best Generac Generators for Smaller Homes

If your home is on the smaller side, say under 3,000 square feet, you’ll want a mid-range powered generator in the 22-27kW output size. Here are two great options to consider from Generac’s product lineup:

Generac 22kW Guardian Series Home Generator

  • 22kW output provides 17kW on natural gas or 19kW on LP
  • Can power essentials for up to 1,850 square feet
  • Features WiFi, cellular connectivity for monitoring
  • Quiet operation at 63 dB – Comparable to a conversation
  • List price starting around $5,099 including professional install

This 22kW Generac unit has the power to keep fridges, freezers, TVs, internet, sump pumps, lights and more running in a small to mid-sized home during an outage.

Cellular and WiFi monitoring let you check generator status from your smartphone and receive alerts if any maintenance is needed. This takes the guesswork out of upkeep.

Noise level is moderate at 63 dB – about the volume of a normal conversation. More than quiet enough for residential neighborhoods.

With professional installation included, the 22kW Guardian hits a sweet spot of strong power output and affordable pricing for smaller households. It’s a great choice for homes under 2,000 square feet.

Generac 27kW Guardian Series Home Generator

  • 27kW output – Provides 20kW on natural gas or 24kW on LP
  • Can comfortably power a home up to 2,500 square feet
  • Features built-in WiFi for remote monitoring and control
  • Super-quiet operation at just 60 dB – Comparable to background music
  • List pricing starts at $6,249 including installation

For a bit more power capacity, the 27kW Generac Guardian has the extra juice to fully energize homes up to 2,500 square feet without worry of overload.

Like the 22kW unit, the 27kW generator has remote monitoring via the integrated WiFi connectivity. You’ll get alerts about maintenance needs sent right to your phone.

Ultra-quiet operation at just 60 dB allows the generator to run without disturbance. For comparison, normal background music is 60 dB.

With professional installation included, robust power for up to 2,500 square feet, and superior quietness, the 27kW Guardian is ideal for small to mid-size households looking for worry-free backup power.

Best Generac Generators for Medium Sized Homes

If your house is between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet, you’ll need a large-capacity generator in the 36-45kW output range. Here are two great options from Generac to power a medium-sized home:

Generac 45kW Guardian Series Home Generator

  • 45kW output – Provides up to 37kW on natural gas or 45kW on LP
  • Can easily power homes 3,000 to 4,000+ square feet
  • Features full power monitoring and control via WiFi and cellular
  • Ultra-quiet 63 dB operation – Won’t disturb the neighborhood
  • List pricing starts at $7,999 with installation included

With a stout 45kW maximum output on liquid propane, the Generac 45kW Guardian has all the power you need for a home up to 4,000 square feet while leaving room for future expansion. 37kW provides plenty for natural gas setups.

This unit packs in full WiFi and cellular capabilities allowing for total remote monitoring and control from anywhere. Get alerts when service is due to maximize uptime.

At only 63 dB, the 45kW generator runs quietly – comparable to the noise level of a conversation. This allows it to operate without excess noise pollution for you or neighbors.

The 45kW Guardian hits the sweet spot of substantial power output and excellent price point for a medium 3,000+ square feet home needing complete electrical coverage. Professional installation is included in the fair pricing.

Generac 36kW Guardian Series Home Generator

  • 36kW output – Provides 27kW on natural gas or 36kW on LP
  • Suitable power capacity for homes 3,000 to 3,500+ square feet
  • Features WiFi monitoring, GenLink mobile app compatibility
  • Extra-quiet 62 dB operation – Equal to a running shower
  • List pricing starts at $6,939 with installation

The Generac 36kW Guardian generator supplies an ideal mid-range power output for homes between 3,000 to 3,500 square feet. Running on natural gas or propane, it has the versatility to be configured for either fuel type.

This unit has built-in WiFi connectivity allowing for remote monitoring and notifications through the Generac mobile app. Monitor status and get alerts from anywhere for peace of mind.

Ultra-quiet operation at just 62 dB allows the generator to run smoothly without excessive noise. For comparison, an average shower runs at 62 dB.

For the majority of homes in the 3,000 to 4,000 square foot range, the 36kW Guardian has an optimal power output at an affordable price point – making it a perfect solution for medium properties.

Best Generac Generators for Large Homes

Larger homes over 5,000 square feet have substantial power demands. For uninterrupted service, these homes require an industrial strength generator in the 60kW and above range. Two great options are:

Generac 70kW Guardian Series Home Generator

  • 70kW maximum output – Provides 62kW on natural gas
  • Sufficient power for even large luxury homes over 5,500 square feet
  • Features full remote monitoring and control through WiFi/cellular
  • Quiet operation at 66 dB – Comparable to normal conversation
  • List pricing starts at $11,039 including professional installation

The extra-powerful Generac 70kW Guardian generator delivers an exceptional 70kW output on liquid propane making it a great solution for homes anywhere from 5,000 to over 6,000 square feet. 62kW on natural gas gives you flexibility.

This unit has complete integrated WiFi and cellular for remote monitoring, notifications, and generator control from anywhere through the mobile app.

Noise level is reasonable at 66 dB, allowing the generator to run without too much disturbance. For context, normal conversations are about 60-70 dB.

With professional installation included and the high power output needed for a large luxury home, the Generac 70kW Guardian is an outstanding choice when you need a great deal of backup electricity.

Generac 60kW Guardian Series Home Generator

  • 60kW maximum output – Provides 52kW on natural gas
  • Robust power solution for homes 5,000 to 6,000+ square feet
  • Features WiFi connectivity for monitoring and alerts
  • Conversation-quiet at just 66 decibels
  • List pricing starts around $9,950 with installation

The Generac 60kW Guardian generator supplies optimal power for homes ranging from 5,000 up to 6,000+ square feet. Running on natural gas or propane, it adjusts fuel usage based on electrical load for maximum efficiency.

This generator has onboard WiFi allowing for full remote monitoring, control, and alerts through Generac’s Mobile Link app. You’ll know immediately if any service is required.

A low noise design keeps operation at just 66 dB – the volume of a normal conversation. This allows the generator to smoothly run without excess noise.

For larger homes and estates needing a robust backup power solution, the 60kW Guardian generator has an ideal power output while maintaining excellent sound levels. The price is also fair when installation is included.

Key Generator Features to Look For

Beyond just power output, today’s Generac home generators offer advanced features that make your life easier while providing seamless, uninterrupted power. Here are some key options to look for as you shop for the right model:

Automatic Transfer Switch

An automatic transfer switch is essential because it seamlessly switches your home’s electrical load from the main utility line to the generator as soon as an outage is detected. This switchover takes just seconds, happens automatically, and means you won’t experience any lapse in power in your home. Lights, appliances and electronics continue running as normal.

WiFi Monitoring

WiFi connectivity allows you to remotely monitor the health and maintenance needs of your generator from anywhere using your smartphone and the Generac Mobile Link app. You’ll get smart alerts for service requirements so there are no surprises. Checking generator status and history is easy.

Cold Weather Package

In northern climates, choosing a generator with a cold weather package ensures reliable operation even amid ice, snow and freezing temps. It includes battery warmer, oil warmer, heavy duty battery charging alternator, and other features so cold weather won’t affect generator performance.

Quiet-Test Mode

Quiet-test mode allows you to run simulated exercise cycles at a reduced RPM for a quieter operation. This thoughtful feature keeps noise and disturbance low for both routine testing and actual power outages. Your neighbors will appreciate the peace and quiet.

Extended Warranties

Look for available extended 5, 7, and 10-year warranties on major components. This protects your generator purchase for years to come in case of any defects. Warranty options provide great long-term peace of mind on your significant investment.

Prioritizing these types of smart features ensures you’ll get the most usability, convenience and value from your Generac home generator for years of reliable service.

In Summary

A whole house generator lets you rest easy knowing you have a reliable backup power source for your most essential electrical needs when the power goes down.

Generac offers a range of models and fuel types so you can find just the right fit based on the size of your home and features you want.

Focus first on choosing an adequate power output in kW to match your home’s square footage. Also compare the available fuel types – natural gas, propane and diesel – to select the most appropriate option.

Make sure to choose key features like an automatic transfer switch, WiFi monitoring, a cold weather package if needed, and warranty protection to get the best long-term value from your investment.

Small homes under 3,000 square feet do well with a 22-27kW mid-range unit. Medium 3,000-5,000 square feet homes require 36-45kW for full coverage. And large homes over 5,000 square feet need a 60+kW high-capacity model.

Following the recommendations in this guide will help you select the perfect Generac whole house generator to keep your home fully powered no matter what weather emergency may strike. Your family will stay comfortable even in the worst outages.

For quotes on purchasing and professionally installing a Generac generator tailored for your home’s needs, contact a local Generac authorized dealer today. Reliable backup power brings peace of mind.

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