Keeping Your Generac Pressure Washer Performing Its Best: Choosing Quality Replacement Parts

As a Generac pressure washer owner, proper maintenance is key to ensuring your machine delivers powerful, reliable cleaning performance for years on end. Along with regular upkeep like flushing and nozzle care, knowing when and how to replace worn parts is equally important.

Installing genuine Generac components preserves optimal function, while avoiding damage from inferior “will-fit” parts. Let’s overview why OEM Generac parts are recommended, the most essential components to replace, and provide tips for selecting the right pressure washer parts. Keep your Generac washer running like new!

Why Genuine Generac Parts Are a Must

Generac pressure washers see tough duty from heavy use cleaning dirty driveways, greasy equipment, and grimy houses. Using top-quality replacement parts is critical. Factory-made Generac components offer clear advantages:

  • Guaranteed fit and performance – Designed for specific Generac models to perfectly integrate and deliver rated cleaning power.
  • Preserve cleaning efficiency – Maintain pump pressure, flow rate, and prevent premature nozzle wear.
  • Extend machine lifespan – Avoid early breakdowns or problems generic parts often cause.
  • Meet safety and durability standards – Adhere to rigorous specifications necessary for safe operation.
  • Protect warranty coverage – Using OEM parts ensures eligibility.
  • Access Generac engineering expertise – 60+ years experience manufacturing pressure washer components.

Aftermarket “will-fit” parts simply can’t match Generac’s quality control. It’s worth investing in OEM components that maintain your pressure washer’s performance and longevity.

Most Important Generac Parts to Buy Genuine OEM

While all replacement parts should be factory-made when possible, these components are most critical to source as authentic Generac:

Fuel Filters

Genuine Generac fuel filters properly strain debris and water from entering the pump, engine, or burner while allowing adequate fuel flow. Aftermarket filters often warp or clog prematurely.

Pump Oil

Formulated specifically for Generac pumps, their OEM oil lubricates and cools critical components. Generic oil can foam, oxidize prematurely, and lead to reduced pressure or pump seizure.

Pump Replacement Kits

Complete OEM seal and valve kits restore pumping performance and prevent pressure fluctuations. Off-brand kits often misalign seals resulting in internal bypass leaks.

Spray Nozzles

Precision-machined Generac nozzles optimize spray patterns and pressure while resisting wear. Generic nozzles erode quickly leading to weak cleaning power.

How to Select the Right Generac Pressure Washer Parts

Here are tips for choosing quality components:

  • Consult owner’s manuals for parts diagrams and replacement guidance for your specific model.
  • Buy from authorized Generac dealers to ensure genuine factory parts. Avoid sketchy websites or sellers.
  • Closely inspect packaging for authentic Generac markings. Don’t accept photocopied or missing labels.
  • Compare prices for deals, but don’t sacrifice component quality just to save a few dollars. It’s not worth it!
  • Verify return policies in case you need to exchange an incorrect part.
  • Follow instructions carefully during installation to avoid damaging parts.
  • Note any performance changes as rebuilt systems break-in to confirm all is working correctly.

Your owner’s manual is the best guide to model-specific parts replacement procedures. Don’t hesitate to contact Generac support if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions on Generac Pressure Washer Parts

Shoppers often have these questions about components:

Where can I find parts diagrams and lists for my Generac model?

Generac provides detailed parts breakdowns in owner’s manuals and on their website. Search for your pressure washer’s model number.

When should I replace common parts like pumps seals and fuel filters?

Follow your owner’s manual maintenance schedule for replacing filters, changing oil, inspecting seals, and other servicing recommendations.

Is it worth paying extra for OEM vs. generic parts?

Absolutely. Paying a bit more for genuine Generac components maintains peak cleaning performance and prevents premature breakdowns.

What risks come with using aftermarket replacement parts?

Loss of pressure, irregular spray patterns, breakdowns, safety hazards from failing parts, void warranties, and much more. Don’t compromise quality to save a few bucks.

Where can I safely buy authentic Generac parts online?

Direct from Generac is best. Also approved dealers like Northern Tool, Lowes, and private shops specializing in power washers.

Can I service my pressure washer myself using OEM parts?

Yes! Components like seals, filters, and nozzles often can be replaced by owners with basic mechanical skills. Always follow instructions.

Will non-OEM parts void my warranty?

Possibly – check terms. Most warranties state using Generac components is required to maintain coverage. Don’t take chances.

Can I get replacement owner’s manuals from Generac?

Yes, download PDF manuals from Generac covering specific models if you lost your original or bought a used unit. Extremely helpful for parts info!

Rely on Genuine Parts for Peak Performance

Don’t wait until your pressure washer is sputtering along weakly before replacing worn parts. By proactively installing quality Generac components, you’ll enjoy maximum cleaning power for years.

Follow this guide to source the right OEM parts for your Generac washer. And remember – only trust genuine factory components, not cheap “will-fit” parts that compromise safety and reliability. Your pressure washer deserves the best!

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