Keeping the Lights On: Choosing the Perfect Generac Home Generator

Few things are more jarring than the sudden loss of power in your home, especially at the worst possible moment. Outages always seem to strike right when you’re cooking dinner, binge watching your favorite series, or working an important project.

While occasional short-term blackouts are merely annoying, extended outages can wreak real disruption on daily life. Investing in a home backup generator from Generac ensures electricity keeps flowing when the grid fails.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss why Generac generators are the top choice for home backup power, review ideal Generac models for every home, and provide key factors to consider when selecting the generator optimized for your needs and budget. Let’s find the perfect Generac to keep your lights on!

Why Generac is the Leader for Home Generators

Founded in 1959, Generac is dedicated to powering homes and businesses with reliable, affordable backup generator systems. Generac’s 60+ years of engineering and manufacturing generators has made them the most trusted name in home backup power.

Several strengths make Generac home generators outstanding:

  • Powerful performance – Generac generators effortlessly produce clean electricity to run appliances, heat/AC, medical devices, and electronics.
  • Smart features – Options like automatic power transfer switches, WiFi monitoring, and load management optimize backup needs for convenience.
  • Strong durability – From small portables to permanently installed standby units, Generac generators are built to last with stout American manufacturing and engineering.
  • Range of options – Generac offers every generator type, size, and fuel source to meet any home needs and budget.
  • Helpful support – Get assistance choosing the ideal Generac model for your home or troubleshooting any issues from Generac’s customer support team.

Simply put, Generac generators provide the optimal mix of power, features, reliability, and support to deliver perfect home backup electricity.

Top 4 Generac Home Generator Picks

Generac’s wide catalog offers options for any home. Here are our top recommended models:

1. Generac 7043 Guardian Series 22kW Standby

The 7043 supplies whole-house coverage thanks to its robust 22kW output from propane or natural gas. It automatically detects outages and restores power within seconds through a home’s electrical panel.

Ultra-quiet operation makes the 7043 perfect for neighborhoods disallowing noisy generators. It also features extras like WiFi monitoring and exercise routines to ensure smooth performance when needed. Around $5,000 provides peace of mind through any outage.

2. Generac 6462 Guardian Series 16kW Standby

The ideal 1-2 punch for essentials, this 16kW propane/natural gas standby unit automatically powers your fridge, freezers, medical equipment, home office, and more.

Starting under $3,000, the affordable 6462 is a cost-effective standby for smaller homes wanting just the basics backed up. It provides key amenities with reduced noise and an appealing price point.

3. Generac 5735 IQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator

This compact, super-quiet inverter generator is perfect for smaller homes or apartments. It supplies 1700 watts on gasoline for powering lights, phones, modems, TV, and fridge.

Ultra-portable at 46 pounds, the IQ2000 costs just $900 for basic backup electricity on the go. The inverter provides clean power ideal for sensitive electronics.

4. Generac 6237 3250-Watt Gasoline Portable

With 3,250 starting watts, this robust portable tackles heavier loads like well pumps, sizable appliances, and some AC units. It runs for 9 hours on a tank of gas.

Priced around $650, the 6237 makes an affordable emergency backup for homes. It’s easy to move around as needed and start up for outages.

Choosing the Ideal Generac for Your Home

Generac’s wide selection ensures you can find the just-right generator for your home’s needs. Keep these key factors in mind:

  • Wattage capacity – Choose a generator that provides enough watts for essential devices and appliances you want to power. Include 30% extra capacity as a buffer.
  • Fuel type – Gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas are common fuel choices, each with pros and cons. Home hookups may dictate options.
  • Portability – Smaller portable generators easily move and store. Permanently installed standby units require professional expertise.
  • Sound rating – Larger home generators can run quietly. Verify noise levels if placing near patios or bedrooms.
  • Automatic operation – Pricier standby generators detect outages and automatically restore power – a great convenience for frequent outages.
  • Ease of use – All Generac models focus on simplified operation, but factors like manual start or refueling may impact convenience.
  • Budget – Generac home generators range from $500 portables to $10,000 for whole house units. Prioritize appliances and systems to support when allocating budget.

Using these key considerations will guide you to the optimal Generac generator for your home’s size, layout, needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Generac Home Generator Questions

New generator buyers often have these common questions:

What Generac size is needed for full home backup?

The 7043 22kW unit can power a typical 3-4 bedroom home including AC, well pump, appliances, etc. Size up for larger houses and pools.

What permits or installation requirements exist for standby units?

Electrical and building codes must be followed. Most areas require permits for generator installations. Generac has experts to ensure proper, compliant hookup.

How loud are Generac home generators?

Larger units operate very quietly around 66 decibels. Smaller gasoline portables run louder around 75 decibels. All noise ratings are available on spec sheets.

What maintenance do Generac generators require?

Routine maintenance like oil changes, filter replacement, fuel stabilizer and battery care ensure optimal performance. Standby units run weekly tests.

How long do Generac home generators last?

With proper maintenance, 15-25 years of reliable service is common. Standby generators log few run hours allowing longevity. Warranties like Generac’s 5-year coverage provide peace of mind.

Can you convert between natural gas and propane fuel?

Yes, with some dual-fuel compatible units. Conversions require adjustments to the carburetor and fuel line by a certified Generac dealer.

Are Generac generators safe for electronics?

Yes, Generac generators provide stable, regulated power that will not harm sensitive electronics like computers and phones.

What safety features are included?

Generac generators have overload protection, low-oil auto shutoff, CO detectors, and insulated casings. Standby models automatically isolate home electrical during outages.

Can a generator be installed indoors?

Stationary standby units are installed outdoors with an automatic transfer switch connecting to the home electrical panel.

How often will a home generator need to run during an outage?

Most run occasionally to maintain household circuits. Fridges, medical devices, and freezers require more frequent cycling to avoid temperature fluctuations.

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly Through Any Outage

Generac generators provide proven, reliable home backup electricity so your family stays comfortable and routines uninterrupted when utility power fails.

Use this guide to help choose the ideal Generac generator with the perfect wattage, features, and price point for your unique needs.

Invest in a quality Generac generator tailored for your home and family to gain peace of mind knowing the lights will stay on and appliances powered no matter what life throws at you.

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