Keeping the Lights On: Choosing the Best Generac Power System for Your Home

When an outage strikes, it pays to be prepared. Generac power systems deliver whole-home backup capability so your family stays safe, comfortable, and in control.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to select the ideal Generac power system for your needs. From standby home generators to solar battery storage, we’ll review Generac’s highly-rated power solutions for residential applications. You’ll get insider tips for professional installation, ongoing maintenance, and smooth operation when it matters most.

Let’s get your home outage-ready!

How to Choose the Right Generac Power System

Generac offers a diverse range of power systems to fit any size home and budget. Consider these key factors when selecting your Generac system:

Fuel Type

Generac generators run on natural gas, propane, or diesel. Each has pros and cons based on availability, cost, and runtime. Solar systems store energy in batteries to provide backup power day or night.

Power Output

Size your Generac system to handle your home’s essential electrical loads. A 7-11kW unit can power basics. 17kW+ is needed for whole house coverage.

Generator Type

Standby generators permanently mount outside to supply household circuits automatically. Portables connect via extension cords as needed.


Compare remote monitoring, exercise schedules, warranties, cellular connectivity, and home automation integration included across models.

Generac Power System Lines

Guardian Series: Premium home standby generators for full protection.

PWRcell: Solar + battery storage systems for grid independence.

PWRview: Automatic transfer switches for generator connectivity.

Mobile Link: Cellular monitoring kit for control from anywhere.

This overview helps narrow down suitable Generac power system families based on your most important criteria.

Top 4 Generac Power Systems for Home Backup

Here are 4 of Generac’s most popular and capable power systems for whole home protection:

Generac Guardian Series – The Pinnacle of Home Backup Power

Generac’s elite Guardian Series represents the pinnacle of home standby power:

  • Power: Available in 8-22kW models to fit homes large and small.
  • Quiet: Just 63dB in quiet mode, impressively silent.
  • Fuel Options: Runs on natural gas or propane.
  • WiFi Monitoring: Control, track, and monitor your system remotely.
  • Price Range: $$$$

With its robust power, ultra-quiet operation, and integrated home automation, the Guardian Series delivers complete peace of mind. It’s the ultimate backup protection for families wanting uninterrupted whole-home power.

Generac PWRcell System – Solar Energy Storage for Outages

The PWRcell system stores solar energy in batteries to provide backup power during grid outages:

  • Fully Integrated: Combines solar panels, inverter, and battery storage.
  • Smart Software: For energy optimization and grid independence.
  • Modular Scalability: Add more panels and batteries over time.
  • Clean Power: Solar-generated electricity.
  • Price Range: $$$$

This expandable solar + storage system harnesses the sun’s power to run your home. It also enables grid independence and offsets electricity bills through net metering credits.

Generac PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch

The PWRview transfer switch seamlessly connects generators to your home’s electrical system:

  • Smart Switch: Detects outages and signals generator to start.
  • Safety: Prevents backfeed and isolates generator power.
  • Convenience: Eliminates manual wiring each outage.
  • Price Range: $$

This device automates power transfers to and from the utility grid for any installed standby generator. It provides plug-and-play home backup power.

Generac Mobile Link Remote Monitoring

Mobile Link enables generator monitoring, alerts, and control from your smartphone:

  • Remote Access: Monitor and control your generator anywhere with cell connection.
  • Status Updates: Get outage alerts, runtime remaining, and service reminders.
  • Peace of Mind: Know your generator is always online and ready.
  • Price Range: $$

This wireless module brings your Generac generator online for at-a-glance status checks and alerts. It’s an affordable way to monitor your home backup power remotely.

Professional Installation and Ongoing Maintenance

Your Generac equipment provides maximum reliability when properly installed and maintained.

Professional Installation is Strongly Advised

Given their permanent electrical connections and gas lines, Generac recommends professional installation for home standby generators and PWRcell systems. This ensures safe, seamless integration with your home’s existing utilities and wiring.

Portable generators can be DIY-connected as needed through extension cords.

Ongoing Maintenance Keeps Systems Running Optimally

Adhere to Generac’s prescribed maintenance intervals for inspections, fluid changes, battery swaps, and system tests. Connect with a Generac dealer annually for comprehensive tune-ups.

Use only registered Generac technicians for repairs to maintain warranties. Keep spare parts like filters, fuses, and belts on hand for quick fixes. Don’t forget annual fire extinguisher recharges too!

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Power Systems

What size Generac system do I need for my home?

Size your system at least 20% larger than your calculated essential home loads. Home standby generators usually range 7-22kW. Get an in-home assessment from a Generac dealer to determine your needs.

How much does a Generac home power system cost?

Costs vary based on system size, features, and type. Basic standby systems start around $2,000. Whole home standby generators cost $5,000 to $10,000 installed. PWRcell solar + storage systems range from $10,000 to $20,000.

How long do Generac power systems last?

With proper maintenance, Generac standby generators last 20-30 years. PWRcell solar components like inverters and batteries may need replacement every 10-15 years. Schedule annual service for optimal longevity.

How often should you test a Generac power system?

Generac recommends testing home standby generators monthly under 25-50% of rated load for 30 minutes to ensure readiness. Perform complete system inspections every 6 months.

How loud are Generac home generators?

Larger units produce 62-74 dBA of noise. Weatherproof enclosures further reduce sound. Compare noise ratings (dBA) before purchasing a home standby unit.

Can a Generac system power my whole house?

Yes, Generac’s larger 17kW+ standby models can power central A/C, appliances, well pumps etc. simultaneously. Size your Generac unit based on your full home audit.

What are the best Generac power systems for homes?

The Guardian Series provides Generac’s premium home backup protection. PWRcell enables solar energy storage for outages. Mobile Link adds monitoring and control from anywhere.

How often should you service a Generac system?

Generac recommends annual comprehensive system tune-ups by a certified dealer. Change fluids and filters per prescribed intervals. Inspect batteries, wiring, and components regularly.

Stay Powered Up with Generac

Don’t get left powerless when the next outage hits your area. Generac’s complete home power systems deliver the protection your family needs to stay safe, comfortable, and connected.

Now that you know how to select the ideal backup power solution for your unique requirements, contact a Generac dealer for professional installation and ongoing service. Maintain your system properly and check status or receive alerts from anywhere with Mobile Link.

Invest in a Generac power system for whole home peace of mind when you need it most!

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