Keeping the Lights On: Choosing the Best Generac Home Generator Powered by Natural Gas

When a major storm knocks out power and leaves your home dark, cold and disconnected, life can grind to a halt. From losing access to refrigerated food and hot water to being unable to power medical devices or security systems, extended power outages can wreak havoc.

Investing in a natural gas powered home generator provides reliable electricity to keep your home functioning through blackouts and natural disasters. Generac is one of the leading brands when it comes to efficient, durable and powerful natural gas home generators.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll highlight the top natural gas generator options from Generac for home backup power. We’ll also discuss key factors to evaluate when selecting the ideal natural gas generator for your needs and budget. With professional installation and proper maintenance, Generac’s natural gas generators will supply essential or whole-home coverage to maintain comfort and safety when utility power fails.

How Do Natural Gas Generators Work?

Natural gas generators utilize the readily available supply of natural gas from existing utility lines to provide continuous, uninterrupted power during grid outages. Here’s an overview:

  • Natural gas from main utility line is directed into the engine’s fuel system
  • This powers an internal combustion engine which runs continuously
  • The engine turns a generator rotor which produces AC electricity
  • Power is sent through a transfer switch to home circuits
  • With adequate fuel supply, electricity output remains steady 24/7

Compared to diesel or gasoline, natural gas offers a clean, quiet and stable fuel supply. It’s also conveniently delivered directly to your home’s gas meter. Key advantages of natural gas generators:

  • Use clean and abundant natural gas from existing utility lines
  • No need to store flammable fuel tanks onsite
  • Automatic switching from main grid power to generator
  • Provide unlimited runtime as long as gas supply is active
  • Quiet and clean burning compared to diesel or gas engines
  • Can be operated safely indoors with proper exhaust venting

Now let’s look at Generac’s top natural gas home generator models.

Top 4 Generac Natural Gas Home Generators

Here are 4 of the best Generac natural gas generators designed to provide automatic emergency power for residences:

Generac Guardian 14kW

  • Rated power: 14kW / 17.5kW peak
  • Voltage: 120/240V single phase
  • Fuel: Natural gas or LP vapor
  • Engine: 930cc Generac G-Force
  • Enclosure: Weatherproof, sound attenuated

An excellent mid-range model for backing up essential home circuits and appliances including fridges, freezers, medical devices, security systems, and more.

Generac Guardian 16kW

  • Rated power: 16kW / 20kW peak
  • Voltage: 120/240V single phase
  • Fuel: Natural gas or LP vapor
  • Engine: 999cc Generac G-Force
  • Enclosure: Weatherproof, sound attenuated

Step up to the 16kW model to power additional appliances like stoves, water heaters, HVAC systems, and wells along with essentials.

Generac Guardian 20kW

  • Rated power: 20kW / 25kW peak
  • Voltage: 120/240V single phase
  • Fuel: Natural gas or LP vapor
  • Engine: 999cc Generac G-Force
  • Enclosure: Weatherproof, sound attenuated

One of Generac’s most popular whole house coverage models – provides ample power for a 3-4 bedroom home during outages.

Generac Guardian 24kW

  • Rated power: 24kW / 30kW peak
  • Voltage: 120/240V single phase
  • Fuel: Natural gas or LP vapor
  • Engine: 999cc Generac G-Force
  • Enclosure: Weatherproof, sound attenuated

Top-of-the-line single phase power capable of backing up every major electric circuit in larger homes across over 5,000 square feet.

Key Factors When Choosing a Generac Natural Gas Home Generator

When investing in a natural gas powered generator for your home, here are the most important factors to consider:

Your Critical Home Electrical Loads

Conduct an electrical load analysis on your home to determine the appliances and systems that are most essential during an outage. This defines your minimum power requirements.

Your Current Electrical Service Capacity

Know your main electrical panel’s amperage, voltage and phase to size your generator appropriately. This information ensures your generator’s stable compatibility with your home’s circuits.

Availability of Natural Gas at Your Location

Confirm your home is connected to natural gas utility lines with adequate capacity to fuel a generator sized for your needs.

Your Budget

Generac natural gas generators range in cost from $3,000 to over $10,000 depending on power output and features. Set realistic budget expectations before selecting a model.

Physical Installation Requirements

Factor in the required footprint, weight, enclosure needs, proximity to gas and electrical lines, zoning laws, permitting requirements and weather in your area. Outdoor installation is typical.

Local Codes and Permitting

Have licensed electricians and contractors handle permitting and ensure compliance with all applicable local codes and regulations during installation.

Importance of Home Backup Power

If 100% uptime is critical for medical or other needs, a more robust whole home generator system may be advisable for peace of mind.

Value of Professional Installation

Consider having a certified Generac dealer handle permitting, installation, and warranty registration to ensure proper setup for best performance and safety.

Ongoing Maintenance

While low maintenance, generators require periodic upkeep like testing, fuel line checks, filter changes, etc. to remain in ready state.

Installing and Maintaining a Generac Natural Gas Home Generator

Proper generator installation and maintenance ensures seamless performance when utility power fails:

Professional Site Survey and Installation

A Generac dealer will evaluate your home’s setup and handle all permitting, wiring, gas line work and mounting pad needs.

Placement and Enclosure

Your generator will require an appropriate concrete foundation and may need a weatherproof, insulated enclosure if outdoors.

Connecting to Gas and Electrical

Licensed technicians will safely extend gas and electrical connections from your home to feed the generator.

Transfer Switch Wiring

A transfer switch evenly transfers your electrical load from the utility to generator power and back seamlessly.

Regular Exercising and Testing

Test and run your generator at least monthly to keep the engine, alternator and transfer switch in proper working order.

Routine Maintenance

Check engine oil, coolant, battery levels and air filters. Change filters and oil per your owner’s manual.

Warranty and Servicing

Register your Generac generator’s warranty and contact a dealer if any issue arises requiring professional service.

Routine maintenance combined with professional installation ensures your Generac home generator delivers reliable, long-lasting emergency power when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Natural Gas Home Generators

What are typical Generac generator warranty periods?

Generac protects residential generators with warranties ranging from 5 years (guardian series) up to 10 years (generator core).

How often is maintenance required?

Generac recommends exercising weekly and performing routine maintenance monthly, quarterly and annually per your manual. An annual pro tune-up is also encouraged.

How long do Generac home generators typically last?

With proper maintenance and barring any major issues, it’s common for Generac’s home generators to provide 20 years or more of reliable service.

How much noise do they generate?

Generac’s sound enclosures reduce noise considerably. Sound levels are 60-72 decibels when measured 23 feet from the unit while running.

How are Generac generators unique from other brands?

Generac’s G-Force engines, TruePower Technology, and PowerPact warranties give their generators an edge over competitors in performance, durability and customer protection.

Does natural gas conversion affect engine power?

Generac derates and custom-tunes their engines to optimize performance on different fuels, so power output remains strong regardless of fuel type.

What are pros and cons of weatherproof enclosures?

Enclosures protect from weather and attenuate sound but add cost. Evaluate your climate and noise sensitivities to determine if one is warranted.

What special offers are available for first responders and medical field buyers?

Generac provides exclusive discounts, rebates, financing offers and priority delivery to ensure these critical customers get affordable, reliable backup power.


Whether you need essential circuit backup or whole home coverage, Generac’s natural gas generators provide the gold standard in terms of automatic, uninterrupted emergency power. Their G-Force engines yield optimal fuel efficiency and performance. By partnering with a certified Generac dealer for installation, you can ensure your generator gets properly sized, permitted, wired and registered to your home’s natural gas supply and electrical system. Then stay on top of periodic maintenance and exercise to keep your Generac generator primed and ready to power through any grid failure. With Generac, you’ll gain invaluable energy assurance and preparedness when you need it most.

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