Keeping the Lights On: Choosing the Best Generac Generator for Your Home

Few things are more annoying than losing power just when you sit down to relax after work or right before a big game. Power outages can wreck plans and disrupt daily life.

Investing in a home backup generator from Generac provides reliable electricity when the grid fails, allowing you to go about normal routines uninterrupted.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll overview why Generac generators are the top choice for homes, recommend our picks for the best Generac home models, and provide key factors to consider when choosing the right generator for your needs and budget. Let’s explore how Generac can keep your lights on!

Why Generac Stands Out for Home Generators

Founded in 1959, Generac is a leading American brand dedicated to powering homes and businesses with innovative generator systems and backup power solutions.

Several core strengths make Generac the premier name for home generators:

  • Powerful performance – Generac generators start effortlessly and deliver ample electricity to run appliances and electronics. Even larger models operate quietly.
  • Smart features – Generac’s generators include touches like automatic backup power, smart monitoring, and overload protection.
  • Reliable durability – From small portables to whole house standby units, Generac generators withstand tough use thanks to robust American manufacturing and engineering.
  • Wide range of options – Generac provides every generator type and fuel option for homes from small gasoline portable units to powerful propane standby setups.
  • Helpful support – Get assistance choosing the ideal Generac model for your home or troubleshooting any issues.

In short, Generac generators provide the best combination of power, features, reliability, and support to meet any home’s needs and budget. Keep reading as we recommend perfect models!

Top 4 Generac Generators for Home Use

Generac’s extensive lineup has options for any home. Here are our picks for the top 4 models:

1. Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator

The 7043 offers whole-house 22kW coverage thanks to its propane or natural gas fuel and V-twin engine. It automatically restores power within seconds through a home’s electrical panel.

Ultra-quiet and compact, the 7043 is ideal for suburban homes needing complete backup electricity. Features like WiFi monitoring and weekly self-tests put it a step above competitors. Expect to invest around $5,000.

2. Generac 6854 Guardian Series Home Standby Generator

The perfect 1-2 punch for essentials, this 20kW propane or natural gas generator automatically powers your fridge, freezers, medical devices, and more.

The affordable price under $3,500 makes the 6854 a cost-effective standby for peace of mind. It runs quietly and comes backed by strong warranties and support.

3. Generac 5734 iQ2000 Inverter Generator

This compact, super-quiet inverter generator is fantastic for small homes or apartments. It supplies 1600 watts on gasoline for powering lights, phones, modems, and the fridge.

Ultra-portable at 46 pounds, the iQ2000 costs just $850 for basic backup electricity on the go. The inverter delivers clean, stable power ideal for sensitive electronics.

4. Generac 5982 XT8000E Gasoline Portable Generator

With 8,000 watts of power, this robust portable generator tackles larger loads like well pumps, large appliances, and AC units. It runs for 10 hours on a full tank.

The XT8000E can be installed as a manual backup for a home standby system as well. At $999, it provides serious power in a portable and affordable package.

Choosing the Perfect Generac Generator for Your Home

The variety of Generac models makes it easy to find the just-right option for your needs. Keep these key factors in mind:

  • Wattage capacity – Choose a generator that provides enough watts for essential devices and appliances you wish to power.
  • Fuel type – Gasoline, propane, natural gas, and diesel are common fuel options, each with pros and cons. Availability and home hookups may dictate this.
  • Portability – Smaller portable generators are easy to move and store. Permanently installed standby units require professional expertise.
  • Sound rating – Larger home generators can run quietly. Check noise levels if locating near patios or bedrooms.
  • Automatic operation – Pricier standby generators automatically detect outages and restore power. This convenience is perfect for frequent outages.
  • Ease of use – All Generac models are designed for user-friendly operation, but negatives like manual starting or refueling may impact convenience.
  • Budget – Generac homes generators range from $500 portables to $10,000 for whole house coverage. Prioritize essential loads when allocating budget.

Use these considerations to narrow options to the Generac generator optimal for your home’s layout, needs, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Home Generators

New generator shoppers often have these common questions:

How much power do I need for my home?

Take an inventory of must-run devices and their wattages to determine your minimum. Aim for 30% more capacity as a buffer. Standby units usually provide 17-22kW for whole homes.

What Generac size is best for complete home backup?

The 7043 22kW standby unit can power an entire 3-4 bedroom home including AC units, well pump, appliances, etc. Size up for larger houses and pools.

What’s the difference between standby and portable models?

Standby units are permanently installed and hardwired to your home’s electrical panel. Portables require manual use but allow flexibility in placement or transport.

How loud are Generac home generators?

Larger units operate very quietly in the mid-60 decibel range, similar to an air conditioner. Smaller gasoline portables run louder at about 75 decibels. Noise levels are available on all spec sheets.

Do you need special installation or permits for standby generators?

Yes, all electrical and building codes should be followed. Most municipalities require permits for generator installations. Generac has local experts to ensure compliant hookup.

What maintenance is required?

Routine maintenance like oil changes, filter replacement, fuel stabilizer, and battery care ensure optimal performance. Standby units run weekly tests.

How long do Generac generators last?

With proper maintenance, 15-25 years of reliable service. Standby generators clock very few run hours allowing longevity. Warranties like Generac’s 5-year coverage provide peace of mind.

Can you convert between natural gas and propane?

Yes. Some units are dual-fuel compatible. Conversions require adjustments to the carburetor and fuel line by a certified Generac dealer.

What safety features are included?

Generac generators have overload protection, low-oil auto shutoffs, CO detectors, and insulated casings. Standby models automatically disconnect from the grid during outages.

Is a Generac generator required to be grounded?

Yes, proper grounding procedures must always be followed for safe operation, especially with standby whole-house units. This prevents electrocution risk.

Keep Your Home Powered Through Any Outage

A Generac generator means you don’t need to endure the frustration of power loss and dark homes when severe weather strikes or the aging electrical grid falters.

Generac provides the gold standard in reliable, affordable home backup generators. Use this guide to determine the ideal wattage, type, features, and price point for your situation.

Never dread stormy forecasts again. Invest in a quality Generac generator tailored for your family’s needs and gain peace of mind knowing the lights will stay on no matter what life throws at you.

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