Keep Your Generac Running Strong: A Guide to Choosing Quality Replacement Parts

As a Generac generator owner, preventative maintenance is crucial to ensuring your unit delivers reliable backup power for years to come. While regular upkeep like changing oil and inspecting connections keeps systems running smoothly, knowing when and how to replace certain parts is equally important.

Installing genuine, OEM Generac parts preserves optimal performance, safety, and longevity compared to “will fit” bargain alternatives that can jeopardize operation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at:

  • Why genuine Generac parts are superior
  • Must-replace components to always buy OEM
  • Tips for identifying and selecting the right replacement parts
  • Frequently asked questions about Generac generator parts

Let’s make sure your Generac continues protecting your home with power outages!

Why Genuine Generac Parts Are a Must

With generators that see tough use in emergencies and extreme weather, using top-quality replacement components is critical. Factory-made Generac parts offer clear advantages:

  • Guaranteed fit and performance – Designed for specific Generac models to perfectly integrate and deliver rated power.
  • Preserve efficiency – Maintain fuel economy and low-emission operation.
  • Extend service life – Avoid premature wear that generic parts often cause.
  • Adhere to standards – Meet rigorous specifications for safety and durability.
  • Access Generac’s engineering expertise – 60+ years experience manufacturing generator components.
  • Protect warranty coverage – Using OEM parts ensures eligibility.

Aftermarket “will fit” parts simply can’t match Generac’s quality control and material standards. It’s worth investing a little more for OEM components that maintain your generator’s reliability.

Top 4 Generac Parts to Always Buy Genuine OEM

While all replacement parts should be factory-made when possible, these 4 components are most critical to source as true Generac:

Air Filters

Generac air filters are engineered to optimize airflow while preventing particles entering the engine. Aftermarket filters often warp or leak, allowing debris to gradually damage internals. Replace per manual guidelines.

Oil Filters

Along with quality oil, the OEM filter removes contaminants essential for reducing wear in high-RPM generators. Generic filters lack Generac’s durability and mesh construction necessary for clean oil flow.

Spark Plugs

Precision-gapped and heat-range spark plugs are vital for efficient, complete fuel combustion. Inferior plugs erode quickly, preventing proper firing and eventually causing misfires or shutdowns.


True Generac AGM batteries hold a charge and deliver strong starts year after year. Cheap batteries often fail to start generators when needed most. Only use recommended group size and CCA ratings.

How to Choose the Right Generac Replacement Parts

Follow these tips to select quality components:

  • Lookup parts diagrams for your specific Generac model to find OEM part numbers.
  • Inspect packaging for authentic Generac markings and supplier information. Avoid faded, photocopied or generic boxes.
  • Buy from authorized dealers like Generac themselves or certified resellers to ensure genuine components.
  • Compare prices for deals, but don’t sacrifice component quality just to save a few dollars.
  • Check warranties covering workmanship and premature failure – better parts offer longer coverage.
  • Follow installation instructions exactly and use any recommended tools to avoid damaging parts.
  • Note operating changes as rebuilt systems break-in to confirm all is working correctly.

Consult your owner’s manual for model-specific parts replacement guidance. And don’t hesitate to contact Generac support with any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions on Generac Parts

Generator owners often have these questions about components:

Where can I find parts diagrams for my model?

Generac provides detailed parts lists and diagrams on their website. Search for your specific generator or consult the manuals.

When should I replace common parts like oil filters?

Stick to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for replacing filters, changing oil, inspecting spark plugs, and other servicing.

Is it worth paying more for OEM over generic parts?

Absolutely. Paying a bit extra for genuine Generac components maintains reliability and prevents premature failures down the road.

What risks come with using aftermarket parts?

Reduced performance, frequent breakdowns, accelerated wear, voided warranties, safety hazards from failing parts, and more.

Where’s the best place to buy authentic Generac parts online?

Direct from Generac is ideal, followed by certified dealers like Home Depot or private shops specializing in generator maintenance.

Can I service my own generator using OEM parts?

Yes, with proper know-how! Components like filters, plugs, and batteries can easily be replaced by owners. Always follow instructions.

How can I identify if a part is genuinely made by Generac?

Inspect all packaging and part markings. Authentic Generac parts say “Generac” and contain identifiable model numbers and serial codes.

Will using generic parts void my warranty?

Possibly – check warranty terms. Most state using OEM components is required to maintain coverage.

Can I get replacement owner’s manuals for old Generac generators?

Yes, Generac has manuals available on their website for nearly all models, even generators made decades ago.

Keep Your Generator Running Strong

Don’t wait until your Generac is sputtering along loudly on its last legs to service worn parts. By proactively replacing components with quality OEM parts, you’ll enjoy reliable home backup power for decades to come.

Use this guide to make certain your generator is always outfitted with authentic Generac components. Don’t let inferior generics put your home’s protection at risk when you need it most. Only trust genuine factory parts!

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