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Keep Power Flowing: Choosing Generac Home Transfer Switches

When the lights go out from a storm, grid failure or other emergency, most homes are left powerless. Flashlights only go so far. With major appliances like refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, and home medical devices inoperable, outages create major headaches and risks. The solution is installing a whole-home backup generator with an automatic transfer switch for seamless emergency power.

Generac makes some of the most trusted and innovative transfer switches on the market. Their automatic operation instantly switches your home’s circuits over to backup generator power within seconds when utility power fails. This hands-free continuity prevents interruption to your powered devices. Having backup electricity can save thousands in food losses, home repairs, and costs for alternate accommodations.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review Generac’s most popular home transfer switch models, how they work, key buying considerations, proper installation, operation and testing tips, frequently asked questions, and more. With the right transfer switch paired with your backup generator, your family will stay fully powered no matter what emergency comes your way.

Top 4 Generac Home Transfer Switch Models

Generac offers several models to automatically transfer your home’s electrical load to a backup generator when utility power is lost. Here are 4 top options:

Generac 7077 HomeLink – This 16 circuit residential transfer switch handles a 200 amp whole home load. It features a compact NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosure.

Generac 7636 Nexus – This 200 amp WiFi-enabled model supports 16 circuits and provides wireless monitoring and control. Its metal NEMA 3R enclosure is weather resistant.

Generac 00013 Guardian Series – For larger homes, this 400 amp service rated transfer switch powers up to 24 circuits. It utilizes a heavy-duty NEMA 3R steel enclosure.

Generac 00470 Guardian Series – Ideal for industrial and commercial sites, this 600 amp 3-phase model switches up to 18 circuits in a rugged NEMA 4X stainless steel housing suitable for harsh locations.

All Generac home transfer switches offer fully automatic functionality to keep your essential circuits powered. Next let’s look at how these devices function.

How Generac Transfer Switches Operate

Generac transfer switches continuously monitor incoming utility power. When a power outage is detected from the voltage dropping, the switch automatically starts your generator and seamlessly transfers your home’s electrical load over to the backup power source after a short 15-30 second delay. This transfer happens automatically without any interruption so powered devices like medical equipment and computers see no disruption.

The switch serves as the connection point between the generator and home electrical system – generators should never be connected directly to your home’s main utility panel. By seamlessly managing the power transition, the transfer switch prevents the need to manually move devices between outlets powered by the generator.

Transfer switches also allow regular generator testing and exercise on load by using the switch’s manual functions. Once utility power is restored, the device automatically transfers your home circuits back over to the mains supply and signals the generator to shut down. This hands-free functionality provides vital peace of mind that your family will stay fully powered in any blackout.

Next let’s explore some key factors to weigh when selecting your Generac home transfer switch.

Key Buying Considerations for Generac Transfer Switches

Electrical Panel Rating – Choose a transfer switch with the appropriate amperage capacity by confirming your main electrical panel’s amp rating. This ensures full home coverage.

Number of Circuits – Determine how many home circuits need backup power during an outage to guide the minimum circuits supported by your transfer switch. Prioritize the most essential loads first.

Enclosure Type – For outdoor mounting, select a NEMA 3R rated enclosure at minimum to provide weatherproof operation. For hazardous locations, choose a NEMA 4X stainless housing.

Automatic Generator Compatibility – Ensure the transfer switch model works with your specific Generac generator to allow hands-free automatic operation. The generator will connect to a dedicated outlet on the switch.

Physical Dimensions – Check that you have adequate space for mounting the transfer switch near your existing electrical panels and planned generator location based on its size specifications.

Connectivity Features – WiFi or cellular enabled models allow remote monitoring and diagnostics from an app. This provides alerts if utility power fails or the system requires maintenance.

Local Installation Requirements – Consult local permitting offices to determine all regulations and inspection requirements for adding a transfer switch and generator. This ensures full legal compliance.

Making the appropriate choice for your home’s needs ensures seamless automatic backup power when you need it most. Let’s look at some key installation and operation recommendations.

Transfer Switch Installation and Operation Tips

  • Consult an authorized electrician for professional installation unless you have extensive electrical expertise. Proper wiring is critical.
  • Position the transfer switch for convenient generator access during outages. Have adequate slack in generator cables.
  • Carefully follow all permitting and inspection requirements for your area prior to operation. This ensures safety and compliance.
  • Size your backup generator adequately for the essential home circuits powered through the transfer switch.
  • Connect only to the generator outlet designated for the transfer switch, not directly to the home electrical panel.
  • If WiFi or cellular enabled, register your device to receive monitoring updates and alerts to potential issues.
  • Set an exercise schedule that routinely starts the generator to confirm automatic operation monthly, at minimum.
  • LED indicators on the transfer switch provide status updates on utility power availability and operation mode.

Installing transfer switches requires proper electrical expertise. Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generac Transfer Switches

What are the main differences between Generac transfer switch models?

The key differences between models are the electrical service amp rating, number of circuits powered, NEMA weather protection rating, connectivity features like WiFi, and the housing construction materials used.

How does automatic load shedding work?

By prioritizing household circuits, the transfer switch will automatically shed the lowest priority loads if the generator’s power capacity is exceeded during an extended outage.

What special steps are involved in installation?

Proper installation requires connecting the transfer switch to the home’s main electrical panel and generator outlet. Most areas also require permits and inspections before use.

How often should you test the system?

It’s recommended to start the generator under load at least monthly for around 15 minutes to confirm proper operation of the transfer switch, generator, and powered circuits.

Can a transfer switch be added if the generator is already installed?

Yes, as long as the generator has the dedicated connection point for a transfer switch wired into the selected household circuits.

Seamless Backup Power Continuity

Generac transfer switches deliver seamless automatic switching to backup generator power when emergencies or storms cause utility power outages. Quick and hands-free electrical protection keeps your home appliances and devices running smoothly.

Follow proper sizing, installation, and testing guidance to maximize their capabilities. When powered through a Generac home transfer switch, your backup generator becomes the reliable solution for comfortable, uninterrupted living – even in extended outages. Contact a Generac dealer to explore how these life-changing devices can better prepare your family for power disruptions.

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