Harness the Power of the Sun: Choosing the Best Generac Solar System for Your Home

With electricity costs rising and concerns over fossil fuel dependence mounting, more homeowners are looking to solar power as a clean, renewable energy solution. As a leader in home backup power generation, Generac offers several excellent solar options to meet different needs and budgets.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top solar power systems from Generac to help you decide which is best suited for your home. Whether you want to go completely off-grid or just offset your utility usage, Generac has a solar solution for you. Let’s dive in!

An Introduction to Generac’s Solar Power Systems

Generac is renowned for their backup home generators. Leveraging their power generation expertise, Generac has developed a line of solar+storage solutions to make going solar simple and seamless.

Benefits of Generac’s solar line include:

  • Integrated systems for turnkey installation
  • American-made solar components and batteries
  • Advanced monitoring and automation
  • Robust warranties and technical support
  • Custom options for specialized needs
  • User-friendly design for DIY installs

From expandable whole home setups to convenient all-in-one units, Generac solar systems check all the boxes. Next let’s review the top solar options Generac offers.

Generac PWRcell – Fully Customizable Solar + Storage

For maximum customization in optimizing solar energy usage, the Generac PWRcell system delivers.

  • Modular – Pick your panels, batteries, inverters separately
  • Expandable – Grow system over time as needs change
  • Automated – Smart software for peak solar usage
  • Monitored – Access real-time data via smartphone
  • Warranty – 25 years panels, 10 years batteries


  • Tailor components to your exact home needs
  • Scalable to grow with expanding energy demands
  • Advanced smart technology for utmost efficiency
  • Made in America quality and manufacturing


  • More complex sizing and design considerations
  • Installation best left to solar professionals
  • Premium price over pre-packaged systems

Best For

Homeowners who want maximum customization and whole home solar coverage should strongly consider the Generac PWRcell system. The modular design allows right-sizing your solar system for energy independence. Despite the higher cost, the smart technology, robust warranties, and American-made components deliver lasting value.

Generac PWRcell Battery Storage System

If your home already has solar panels installed, the Generac PWRcell Battery Storage System seamlessly adds energy storage capacity.

  • Integrated cabinet – Streamlined battery bank
  • 8.6 kWh capacity – Enough for essential circuits
  • Pre-wired – Plugs into existing solar array
  • Monitoring – Mobile Link app access
  • Warranty – 10 years


  • Compact, self-contained battery storage unit
  • Effortless integration into current solar system
  • Provides power backup during grid outages
  • Generous 10-year warranty provides peace of mind


  • Must purchase solar panels separately
  • Limited energy storage capacity

Best For

Homeowners with existing solar panels who want to add battery backup should strongly consider the Generac PWRcell storage system. It provides affordable, straightforward energy storage in a slim cabinet profile. While capacity is capped at 8.6 kWh, it’s a simple, effective solution for solar storage and peace of mind.

Generac Grid-Tied Solar System

For a simplified solar setup that feeds excess energy back to the utility grid, Generac offers Grid-Tied Solar packages.

  • Pre-configured kits – Panels, inverter, monitoring
  • Plug and play install – Simple roof mount and wire to grid
  • Net metering – Get credit for surplus power
  • Warranty – 10 or 25 year panel warranty options


  • Complete solar package in one purchase
  • Straightforward DIY roof installation
  • Seamlessly works with electric grid
  • More affordable than full battery storage


  • Requires grid connection to function
  • No energy storage capability

Best For

Generac’s Grid-Tied Solar systems provide a simple, affordable path to harness solar and offset electric bills via net metering. For grid-reliant homeowners seeking a basic plug-and-play solar installation without battery storage, Generac’s pre-packaged grid-tied kits are a practical choice requiring minimal investment.

Generac Backup Solar System

For off-grid solar independence, Generac’s Backup Solar System bundles panels, batteries and inverters into a complete package.

  • 7.6 kWh Lithium battery storage
  • 1800 watt solar panel capacity
  • Off-grid inverter
  • Pre-wired – Enables DIY install
  • Mobile Link – System monitoring


  • All-in-one solar independence
  • Clean reliable backup power source
  • DIY friendly pre-assembled kit
  • App monitoring and controls


  • Limited panel and battery capacity
  • No option to add panels later

Best For

Off-grid homeowners wanting solar power independence and backup capability will appreciate Generac’s Backup Solar System convenience. The pre-packaged components enable DIY installs without solar expertise. But capacity is limited, so plan power usage accordingly. Overall an outstanding compact off-grid solar solution.

How to Choose the Right Generac Solar System

With Generac’s range of solar options, selecting the optimal system depends on:

  • Energy usage – Calculate your home’s kWh needs to determine system size.
  • Grid reliance – Are you staying connected or going completely off-grid?
  • Battery storage – How much capacity do you require for outages?
  • Installation – Will you DIY or hire a solar pro for install and setup?
  • Budget – Smaller systems cost less, while whole home setups are $10K+.

Once your needs are determined, match them to the Generac solar solution that best aligns with your goals and constraints.

Maintaining and Operating Your System Safely

While Generac solar systems are designed for hassle-free performance, adhering to safety is paramount:

  • Allow ample ventilation around all system components.
  • Tighten all connections and check periodically for loose wiring.
  • Never perform maintenance during inclement weather when energized.
  • Turn off and disable the system before any repairs or service.
  • Keep hands and objects away from spinning fans and mechanical parts.
  • Carefully follow all manuals for continued safe, optimal operation.

Properly maintained Generac systems will provide decades of clean solar energy. Now let’s cover common solar FAQs.

Solar Energy FAQs

Still have questions about solar basics or Generac’s systems? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

How often should solar batteries be replaced?

With proper care, solar lithium batteries last 5-10 years. Monitor battery health via the system app and replace when capacity drops below 80%.

What maintenance is required for solar panels?

Keep panels clear of debris, snow, shade trees, etc to maximize production. Hose down occasionally to remove dust and grime. Inspect roof mounts/wiring yearly.

When should inverters and charge controllers be replaced?

Expect inverters and charge controllers to reliably last 10-15 years. Check manufacturer guidelines and replace if issues arise.

What are signs of roof leaks around solar mounts?

Watch for water stains on interior walls/ceilings, moist insulation in the attic, and any corroded fasteners/flashings on the roof mounts.

How can I maximize solar panel productivity?

Ensure proper sun exposure, keep panels clean and tree-free, fix any disconnected/loose wiring, and consider panel tilt/rotation adjustments for seasonal sun angles.

Do homeowners insurance policies cover solar?

Yes, but notify your insurer when installing panels. Additional riders may be needed for full coverage ofpanels, batteries, and associated equipment.

What financing options exist for solar systems?

Options include solar loans, PACE programs, solar leases, and power purchase agreements. Compare rates carefully and consider incentives/tax credits.

We hope these solar FAQs have helped provide clarity and confidence in choosing the best Generac solar solution for your needs.

Let the Sun Power Your Home With Generac

Generac makes going solar simple and approachable. Their integrated systems and American-made components provide a level of quality and reliability perfect for home energy generation.

Use this guide to choose the ideal Generac product for your goals – whether that’s maximizing solar self-consumption, storing backup energy, or maintaining a grid connection. With Generac, you can tap the power of the sun to reduce electric bills while also gaining energy independence. Contact a Generac dealer to get started today!

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